Friday, July 13, 2007

Smartypants is BACK

Marnin, all.
Well, today I woke up at 8 and hopped right up - assuming that Toby would be minutes behind. But now it's 9:20 and I could still be snoozing.... sheesh.

Nothing much to say today.

BUT prepare for the return of Ms. SmartyPants!!
Here's the rules: Questions can be submitted from now until an arbitrary point Sunday night. The "answers" will be posted on Monday's blog. Go ahead- amuse me. I DARE you.

In an unrelated note, I am removing the Call video from this page. You can find it on by searching "Radiant Worship" or on Radiant's myspace page.


  1. Why would a mother of three, be upstairs with 2 sleeping children and one "resting" 8 year old, suddenly jump up and run down the stairs with R2 and sit in the living room for 15 minutes, right in the middle of NAPTIME?

  2. Why would a 15 mo actual age/11 mo adjusted age baby boy start getting bad breath already?

    A Mom in Tokyo who is concerned that her son is starting to smell like his dad too soon

  3. Dear Ms Smartypants,

    What is the most efficient way to prepare for hurricane season?

    Anon #2

  4. Bad breath can be caused by bad teeth, and bad eating habits and acid reflux, and lack of brushing too.


  5. Why were A, E, I, O, and U picked for vowels?

    Why isn’t the consumption of backed beans outlawed for men once they are married?

    What is the best instrument for picking ones nose?

    What does the Bible code say about these three very important concerns?


  7. Dear Ms. Smartypants,

    When is the best time of year for harvesting honey? I love to eat fresh honey, but I very much dislike the sensation of the honey bee's sting.


    Longing for sweetness

  8. Man, Ms Smartypants has some crude questions to deal with this time. I wonder how she will handle them?

    Anon #2

  9. Dear Ms SmartyPants.

    What is the difference between "backed" beans
    and "front" beans?

  10. baby boy with bad breath may have a sinus infection... or a throat infection...

  11. Or maybe he needs to start brushing his wittle teeth.

  12. dear ms smartypants.....

    Should large groups of children pack up and travel 15 miles to celebrate cousins 2 year old birthday or stay in and chill and enjoy their Saturdays?

    code 4
    R U gonna B there?

  13. i got a new blog... click on my name...


  14. most bad breath comes from sinus or nasal problems.... OR ... toxins in the body....

    now, if they have rotting teeth, that's another thing...

    look up "babies and bad breath" and let me know what you find...

  15. If your baby or toddler has had bad breath lately, not to worry. There are plenty of things you can do in order to reduce the risk of bad breath for your little one, and there are ways to tell if your baby's bad breath is an indication of a more serious condition.

    More than likely, your baby or toddler sleeps with his or her mouth open, and this dries the mouth out during the night, which can cause 'morning breath'. You should make sure that your child is brushing with a good kid-friendly toothpaste, and is rinsing with an effective mouthwash in order to reduce the risk of bad breath. You should also try to stop your baby or toddler from thumb sucking, since this can reduce the saliva production in the mouth and, incidentally, it can alter the formation of their teeth as they erupt out of the gum and grow. A teething ring or pacifier can be a good temporary alternative to thumb sucking, and will help your child's teeth to grow properly and in line.

    If you are brushing your toddler's teeth daily, and are having him or her rinse with a kid-friendly mouthwash after every brush, you should see an improvement in your little one's breath soon. However, if the problem persists, it may be an indication that your child may have a more serious condition. For instance, if your baby's breath smells like baked bread, it can be a sign of typhoid fever, and if your toddler's breath smells like celery, it could be an indication of Aasthouse urine disease. Garlicky breath could be a sign of arsenic or thallium poisoning, so be sure to pay special attention to the actual scent of your child's breath to determine the right treatment options. As with any problems with a baby's health if the smell persists after cleaning take you child to see your doctor or pediatrician.

    If you feel that your child should be treated for diseases and conditions that are more serious or ongoing, you should change your child's diet in order to eliminate toxins from the body. Having your baby or toddler drink water and all-natural juices several times a day will help to clean the body and freshen the breath. You should also have your children eat fresh foods all day, as packaged foods can slow down taking away wastes from the body. You should also consult with your child's doctor as soon as you can in order to treat your little one's bad breath permanently.

    Article Source:

  16. on the first CALL pic on my blog, there stands Kat - and on the other side of the white tent-leg stand B.Tharpe

    good night!

  17. Correction to Annon at 4:50 PM-
    that would be baked beans, not BACKED beans, but you can answer the question both ways if you'd like.

  18. why is it "smartypants" and not skirt?

  19. What a day for Parties.........

    River 3

    Jade 2

    Party harty

    Dear Ms. SmartySkirt;

    Which is better.....mess up BurgerKing/Chickfilet....or mess up ones own house?

  20. Dear Ms Smartypants,

    What do you think about the Pope's position on the Catholic Church being the only one true church? I am very disturbed by this. I'm wondering if the Catholic Church is the one true 'false' church.

    Anon #2

  21. MERCY t-shirts for sale (designed by several of MCF's designers)

    S, M, L, XL

    $10 each, indigo blue, white lettering

    special prices if you buy more than one :-)

    let me know if you want one...

  22. Describe the difference between how a Woodlands mother and a Cut n Shoot mother would handle the following circumstance

    Amanda is at the mother's friend's house and she is eating sheetrock in front of all of the mother's friends. She is three and thinks it is pretty funny.

  23. Sonia,

    Don't you ever fear that your husband will read this about him and have a few things to say about your broadcasting his breath across international waters?

    (just think its funny, I am not serious)

  24. I would like to venture on the answer to anon's question about the mother of three jumping up and running down the stairs.

    One answer could be...

    The trash show.

    Mary Kay coming down the road.

    The mother had just way tooo much spit up and sticky fingers, must get away far away... all the way downstairs...

    Large cockroach in room.

  25. Dear Ms Smartaskirt,

    Why do children wake up as soon as you sneak out of bed, no matter how quiet you are and no matter how many pillows you put in your place?

    Why do large "water bugs" continue to come inside when they know that they are not welcome?.........
    Even if you never have a small pests, these flying huge monsters still think they own the place!


  26. When potty training BOYS....
    is it better to..........

    a) teach them to sit down and point it downward
    b) teach them to stand up and aim
    c) put a cheerio in the water for target practice
    d) all of the above in stages
    e) just forget it and buy stock in Luvs

  27. If you leave a truck in a parking garage at the the Orange section...for 3 days....
    Why o Why would it then stink of old cigarette smoke on the third day?

    What is it about the Orange section?

  28. are you sure you got the right truck???

  29. do they have valet parking in the orange section?

    how do they sit in your truck and smoke if they do not even have the keys?

  30. maybe it was a sneak smoker who needed a place to hide and smoke.

    What if they crawled under the truck to hide and blew smoke up into the cab.

    Those crazy smoking valet parking people at the airport are bold.

  31. I did hear that the purple section of the C terminal for a nominal additional fee, has non smoking valet parking, and they actually pick you up at the baggage area and put your luggage in the trunk and hand you your truck keys and are very friendly.

    The Orange section is not as hospitable and do not care what odors that they leave in your truck. They also do not cover their tracks very well, and apparently never replenished their stock of Fabreeze fabric/truck deodorizer......Budget and all.


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