Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cliifhanger, hanging from a cliff....

Now, you're probably asking yourself: "What happened? Did she go to the library? What shenanigans did Toby pull? Where is she
?? It's past noon and I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Did she go to Walmart?" (broken muffled sobs)
Gotta make you want it, folks. Supply and demand.
I went to the library. I decided to start on the Z end of fiction, since I have thoroughly canvassed A-C pre-meltdown previously. Made it to K. Not bad, not bad at all. Of course, my policy is bail almost immediately after a Level 1 whine commences, to provide time and space for the Level 3 in the van. So I got about 10 books, and I have read 1 1/2 because I LOVE to read and I sneak in a chapter here and there whilst browning hamburger meat and such.
The JOY of a stack of unread books. Anyways.

So then we were off to the kitchen, otherwise known as McDonalds. Did you know they don't have Texas Homestyle burgers out of state? I mean, it makes sense but you POOR other staters!
And then we had to go to the Toyota dealership, because a Maintenance Required light came on in the van. If that light came on in the Corolla, we'd just be so happy that the light worked. But in the new hoity-toity van, no can do. So I took myself, my FULL warranty, my 3 childrens, my homestyle burger, fries and coke, and 6 nuggets and massive twin stroller in and waited for 19.7 hours (exaggeration) and got my oil changed and my tires rotated. Those snakes in the grass at Toyota... shooting off warning lights for routine maintenance. And the warranty doesn't cover routine maintenance. SO there you go. Toby was the delight of the waiting area... and then he was getting kind of annoying. And then he was REALLY ready to go. And then, 12 hours later we went.
After this, did I attempt Walmart? Aw HECK no.

Today, after naptime. It shall be done.


  1. Did you earn your merrit badge for that one? I survived routine car maintance. FYI the dealership is always slow at oil changes. Next time get it changed at Wal Mart while you shop! Well went to Texas Ablaze last night. I really like Pat King! You did not miss to much as far as worship is concerned Kevin is always good but there where really having sound problems and he finally just quit playing and turned the meeting over.

  2. I was with a couple of groovy people, but they were running late...thus causing us to be late. There weren't really any seats (visible from my location) available, so we sat on the floor against the wall. That was great a couple of years ago, but I'm finding out that my body doesn't like the floor or wall any more. Weird. I WANT PADDING! ...anyway. Do the meetings go through Saturday or Friday?

  3. Through Sat night. You should have spoke up Ang I would have put one of the kids on the floor. I thought you liked hanging out down there.

  4. Just FYI: I don't post anonymous anymore, since I made the effort to get a logon thingymajiggybobber. And I'm NOT a heathen! I went to church with the dance crew at Freedom Fellowship! The dancers were incredible and very anointed! That other team that came Saturday night was awesome, too! ...What were they called??? ...anyway...

    ETC - from "eTcetera" - NOT ect.
    So, "I went to get pickles, mayo, light bulbs, etc., etc., etc."


  5. Thanks Jennifer! I always like to sit with the ones I come with. They wanted to sit there, so I sat. Twasn't a biggish deal. might have been more tolerable had it not been 10 DEGREES in there!!! Ma'an!! It was great hearing the message Patricia King brought, though. Good stuff! LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE!!!

    Yay Love!!

  6. Hahah!! That's funny! I just read my last post, and the multi-lettered "love" looks like "loowee" with all the v's together! Hahah!


  7. Warsaw, Poland- A Polish bus driver has been fired for sending 38,000 text messages on his company cell phone in a losing effort to win contest jackpot, a spokesman said Thursday.
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    Boba said a city bus drivers' monthly company phone bill is supposed to be limited to 15 zlotys ($5).

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    "Now I'm without work," he said.

  8. I'm in a TV studio at Boeing to do a presentation that will be broadcast to viewing rooms across he nation at Boeing's sites. I'm watching a co-worker do one now, then I do one in a couple hours.

  9. Oh my goodness Josh is going to be a celebrity!

  10. What do you mean "Josh IS GOING to be a celebrity?"

    I hit celeb status when I was only 7.

  11. Actually we have a viewing room in England, so I could hit internatinal status.

  12. Look out. Josh is the new face of Boeing Airlines!

  13. Oops I ment Boeing Aircrafts! Sorry!
    Well just when it is almost time for me to go home it starts pouring!

  14. i'm getting tire dof my yellow backgrounded musical notes

    i'd better shop for another b-ground

    jess, i'm glad you have such interesting days oot and aboot

    i din't frequent libraries too much when my 3 were little....... j was too rowdy...

    we read a lot at home

    we listened to a lot of recordings of kids music and kids' songs

    we shopped for groceries
    where that was almost enough entertainment for a whole week!!!

    kids falling out of carts,
    cucumbers being eaten in full before paying for them
    mysterious items showing up in the pile of groceries that we don't know HOW got there...
    hoe downs

  15. i wish my kids were still home

    but, alas, they're not

    good night!!!

  16. wow!
    that was quite a cliff hanger!

    routine car maintenance!
    the nerve!

    i love to hear your stories. =)

  17. Now for today's lesson:
    ("I could care less." or "I couldn't care less.")

    When expressing one's lack of interest in a matter, one should say, "I couldn't care less," indicating that one cares so little about that matter at hand, that less interest is impossible.

    The nonstandard use, "I could care less," actually indicates that the speaker does care about the matter at hand and that it is possible to care less. This version is unspecific, thus resulting in loss of emphasis, specifically during situations in which the speaker wishes to have impact in a heated conversation.

    I hope this helps.

  18. thank you

    that has always needed to be said

    i'm looking forward to future broadcasts from "g.e." even though we don't know who he/she is


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