Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congrats Crouse house!

Has everyone heard Pam Crouse's news? I'll give you a hint. It was a BIG surprise.

In other news, took my kids to my voodoo doctor. otherwise known as a chiropractor. They are actually healthier than I expected. So we got a few supplements and adjustments (even Brynn) and it was great.
Yesterday I was running around like the proverbial chicken, so my house is upside down. Not literally, you know. But upside down in a figurative or metaphorical sense. So that's the plan for today. Right the house.

In the meantime, I need to learn how to develop a prayer life when I obviously don't value prayer. I mean, if I did, it would fit. I find time for a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream every night.,, ( hate me if you will, but I deserve a good metabolism after my hard life). I find time for at least 3 meals and plenty of snacking on the internet. I even ocassionally find time to read a book. So, my priorities are showing. The question is, how do I get the want-God in me out of the basement and into my daily life? And the answer is probably Just Do It... I would rather have my heart stolen and be lovesick and need to talk to Him. It would just be easier. Anyway.

Here's a gratuitous picture of Brynn to round out what seems to be a little bit of a weak post.


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    Current needs: the coffee I just brewed

  2. I think someone should clue us in on Pam's BIG surprise! Immediately, if not sooner!

    Anon #2

  3. Is Pam 'with child'?
    Did Lyzee & Brian run off & get married?
    Is Han engaged?
    Is Jer a millionaire?
    Did papajc get a big raise?

    What's up?????

    anon #2

  4. geez pam!

    I just talked to you yesterday, and now i have to read on the internet about the new baby!

    I thought we were FRIENDS!

  5. just kidding!

    i have no idea what the news is.

  6. Love the photo, clammy! The best!

    Yeah, I'm beginning to think that Pam is definately pregnant. Another Crouse in the house.
    Not a mouse.
    But a Crouse!

    anon #2

  7. where is josh????

    anon #2

  8. When's the baby shower?

  9. A baby Crouse is on the way?!
    Wow, what a surprise! I wonder if they'll have twins.
    Fun, fun!

  10. Oh, and Smartypants was funny!

  11. I heard the news is that Pam is moving to Nebraska.

    Dear anon #2- I took Monday off and we made a 3 days weekend at the in-laws (and a wedding Sat). We had a good time. We'll post some pics of Keith in his new swimming pool and mowing the lawn.

    Back to "catch-up work".

  12. I read the following on my friend's website & thought I might share his writings with you, too. These are just a few of the things he has learned over the years in his walk with God & how he ministers to others. Good stuff for a godly people!

    1. Only talk to someone if God was causing me to speak.

    2. And before I opened my mouth, be sure that God was urging me to speak to them, and then to pray for that person and for myself, even as I was walking toward them, asking God to show me the problem at the root of their resistance.

    3. Don't listen to the individual words the person said back to me. Listen instead to his heart and speak only to his heart. Ignore his rationalizing mind and words of self-defense. Look directly into his eyes and watch them closely. The eyes are the window to the soul. Sometimes people reveal what they are really thinking, despite what they are saying.

    4. Speak with authority; not by yelling or being overly emphatic but by slowly speaking words of lethal truth and watching them take effect. After all, I was out to help them die; to come to a juncture where they could not escape or deny or lie to themselves anymore. I had come to help them die and I had come to help them live.

    5. The most important thing before speaking to them was to have spent year after year, dying to mine own self; letting God cut out the briars and thorns that were wounding both myself and others; permitting God to untwist and break off the vines that wound their way around my heart and my soul causing me to be a compromised person and a helpless Christian.

    6. Also, to have spent those years trying to hear God's Still, Small Voice until it became a Lion's Roar. It is only when we really learn to listen closely AND TO UNRELENTINGLY OBEY what it is that God seems to be saying, that we finally KNOW we are hearing Him. "Test the spirits to see that they be of God." (1 John 4:1) And if it is the Spirit of God, then obey it without hesitation or fear.

    I don't feel that comfortable when somebody says that "God told them" something. I don't think most people have died hard enough and died long enough to know the difference between God's voice and their own. Or Satan's. Or the public's opinion. Or the churches' doctrines and dogmas.

  13. Josh, we miss your daily input!

    anon #2

  14. were you saying that the chiropractor was healthier than you thought? or the kids were healthier than you thought?

    just curious...

  15. yawl are too funny!

    hey, my news (that i wanted to share with Clammy because she was involved in my wheeling and dealing) was that my budget and expenses for the Call trip to Nashville (if everyone pays what they promised) comes out within ONE DOLLAR!!!!!

    that's a MIRACLE!!! i was kinda stressed (just a tiny bit) when i realized that we might go ovah...and didn't know where we ended up til just last night when my accountant in residence called me into his office to report the news...

    that, my blog friends, was the NEWS... and i just wanted to share it with Clam I Am cause she's my personal and professional assistant...


    no, i'm not expecting :-)

    no, nobody ran off and got married....

    about hannah... not telling anything ... :-)

    j's a millionaire in the making...

  16. I think it was that the chiro was healthier than the kids thought if he was someone else was sick and he was much more healthier.

  17. Yo MPC- money being where it should is a nice thing...... yo yo yo.

  18. Jess - about the "want God" part of us...

    I notice a huge difference in my "want God"-ness when I have put aside other distracting things such as novels and television and internetting....

    saturday i read a novel and found myself totally depraved spiritually. now that seems strange because he's one of our favorite authors... but, after so long sans reading, t.v., etc., i found that the pre-occupation with a story that did not EVEN edify nor bring me closer to God really left me empty and feeling like I wasted all of that time...

    gotta be so careful what goes in to the eyes/ears/brain....cause so many things crowd out the true hunger pangs for what we really truly and so mostly need...

    ok - that's my story

  19. Lets finally understand one thing:

    TV is the thief or all thieves. JUST TURN IT OFF!!!!!!

    That, my friends, is my spiritual advice for the day.

    Our TV is turned on for maybe 3 hours a month. Some months it’s in on 0 hours.

    Have a great evening!

  20. thnx jess, for honoring me on your blog... for congratulating us!

  21. pam, that would be great! isn't it about time you had another baby???

  22. clam... i would LOVE to have had 3 more babies...

    and would LOVE the idea of starting again with another crop of babies in this house... but, then, i realize that i'd have to quit my job and stay home so that they'd turn out half-way normal...

    i am too tired when i come home after 40+ hours of work to be any good to any little ones at night...

    so... i will continue with my little dreammaker across the seas... and adopting any younger persons who need and will receive my love who i find along my way...

    i'll be a surrogate...

  23. Grandbabies are the best new crops ever.....better than being a surragate mother.....always the good guy......send them home when you are tired....say no when you are too tired to have them over...invite them when you need a grandkid fix....everyone of them is my favorite..everyone of them are so different and GREAT.....
    and everyone of them are in the same county.......and so close I can see them whenever and however much I want to.......and I can still have peace and quiet in my home..how ever much I need.

    Grandchildren truely are the BEST.

  24. Jess....you already know.......

    Just do it!

    The more you do it, the more the desire grows inside of you to worship and spend more time with HIM.

    Just force yourself to spend 60 seconds a day with just HIM and watch it grow and grow. He loves us and desires us and He will honor that little bit of time and give you a stronger desire for more time with HIM>

    He is too kool.

  25. MamaPC didn't say she wasn't moving to Nebraska. I think she's moving to Nebraska.

    Jess needs to buy some new Nikes.

  26. So she can "Just Do It!"

    So Hanna Banana is engaged AND moving to Nabraska?

  27. FYI

    In case anyone is interested they are starting a worship conference tommorow night at Freedom Fellowship and to kick it off they will be doing the drums and dance from Matt and I's wedding! I am so excited to get to see it from a seat instead of peeking through the window in the back! Anyways the night sessions are free so everybody come on!!!


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