Friday, July 27, 2007

Ask a Smartypants, darnit

Ms. Smartypants is a weekly advice/information column appearing on Mondays. You may submit your questions now (Friday) through Sunday night (sunday night). We reserve the right to skip questions and/or make up answers that amuse "us".
So. please submit your questions. The more questions, the more amusing the potential answers.

Nothing to report... snuck out of bed today, all was quiet. As soon as I sat down in here at the computer, all the chillrun woke up. Story of my life. We were supposed to go to a swimming get-together at Leah's shmancy new house today, but alas, the rain. Still, there is potential for a hen party.

Thinking, percolating, eTc. Wouldn't you like to know....


  1. Good Morning, Jessica!


    I look forward to another lovely smartypants weekend.

    Soon it will be all the rage, and i'm just so tickled to be part of the grass roots movement that will have started it all!

  2. I often enjoy perusing (i wonder if i speld that right) the news headlines, even if i don't read the actual stories. But some headlines tell the story for themselves - or at least the story i make up i my head seems appropriate...
    Try this one, from today's news:
    "Big rig full of frozen chickens slams into car dealership."
    That is just a great story waiting to happen!

  3. That is an awesome headline!

    I saw one last week “Gigantic Badgers Take over Baghdad.” How about that?

  4. Mrs. Smartypants,

    What did the Jones’ do to be chosen for the phrase “Keeping up with the Jones’?”

  5. Mrs. Smartypants,

    Please tell us more about you, such as your family history, where you grew up, what you do for a living, and info about your spouse.

  6. Smartypants,

    When will the imperial George W. Bush be impeached?

  7. Dear Ms Smartypants,

    What is best color to choose for fingernails & toes? There are so many wonderful colors from which to choose that it is sometimes overwhelming. Help!


  8. Wow.........blood boiling Q bout the big W.....ya trying to yank a chain?

  9. Yes, when will Americans wake up and smell the fascism of W?

  10. aFtEr ThE hEaRt Of GoDJuly 27, 2007 at 11:43 PM


  11. aFtEr ThE hEaRt Of GoDJuly 27, 2007 at 11:45 PM

    toenails and fingernails should ALWAYS be properly matched and/or co-ordinated... dahling

    as well as all other clothing, including the under-clothing...

  12. aFtEr ThE hEaRt Of GoDJuly 27, 2007 at 11:46 PM

    shoe color and clatch color should be the same...

    and hosiery should be of the same family of hue....

  13. Anon......DID YOU VOTE last election?

  14. What a great morning.....
    3 smashing young gentlemen
    ....waking up demanding to begin our search for FROGs immediatly.

    It was all Bedste could do to get them dressed and a little Oatmeal in them before they were dashing out the door, each with their own jar in hand.

    Out to the freshly mowed back 40 we go......each of us....including R2..looking at our feet as we walk. That is wear the frogs jump startle them with your steps and then you capture them as they hop away..

    Graceson and Caleb caught theirs within the first 5 minutes....then we all looked for about 20 minutes for one more frog for Mr Man.

    We spotted a few that were quicker than we were. I was carrying my camera,,,,and the guys each had their frogs in jars, and R2 with his empty we put the frogs in jars down in the shade.....I pocketed my camera and grabbed R2 jar and lid and we were all off....

    Better equipped for a next encounter...and their he is..a little bitty cute little tiny hard to see frog....Caleb shouts....I got it I got it.....Graceson and Caleb reach down and get on all fours......I figure I might as well get my hands on it I am helping the guys....Richy is patiently watching.....and Enoch..seeing us all staring in the same spot.......plops down right on the baby frog.....and demands to be pet and loved on....

    O my goodness........

    So we start again.....and we walk and walk and look in all the areas that we saw the frogs before...

    We keep throwing sticks for Knock Knock he could feel like part of the fun....AND stay out of the way.....

    So there we are walking through the trees and shrubs all three boys following Bedste around each of us dragging our feet and looking at the grass in front of our feet......Dear God please help us catch one more frog...Graceson and Caleb repeated me.....

    And then we see this little frog bigger than the microscopic one and a tad smaller than Gracesons Frog.....and so we are on him like GLUE........all excited and stumbling over each other...and its getting HOT we need to make this I finally put the jar over him.......not sure if I got him.....I let up a bit and notice that I caught him half way .......I am so glad I didn't press down any WE GOT HIM>...........

    Yippeeeeee........after our photo shoot.....everyone wanted to jump on the was then that I noticed what 30 minutes out in the back 40 had done to all three of my precious grandsons...

    Dear Ms Smartapants........

    What would you do if your well seasoned child-care provider/grandparent neglected to
    cover each child with SSS or skintastic before they went out on said expedition?

  15. I voted for W in both elections, but I now regret it.

  16. If anyone is remotely thinking they will vote for Giuliani, you need to watch
    this video done by the New York district of the International Firefighters Association. You should also do your research and see what New Yorkers think about Giuliani- - fraud, fake, hypocritical, and balking at his titles of “Mr. 9/11” and “America’s Mayor.”

  17. Now I will have a name.

  18. I am glad that you voted. A lot of people complain but do not even vote.

  19. aFtEr ThE hEaRt Of GoDJuly 28, 2007 at 3:01 PM

    why doesth thou regret voting for W? what's the news?

  20. Isn't it cool how God's Grace is even enough for doing things that you really do not want to do.

    R2 keeps forcing me to get out of my little box.

    I pray that I will never have to touch a snake or anything slimy.

    Frogs are ok. They really aren't that horrible.

    I love little boys.

    They are so messy and energetic and down to earth.

  21. here's amillion dollar question:
    which is more profitable? faith or hardwork and good stewardship when it comes to supernatural provision?

  22. I think that they are equally important.

    If you have faith.......and God provides......but you squander it and make foolish decisions......
    then that would STINK

  23. I like turtles!
    other reptiles, no way

    anila loves frogs too

    the Houston science museumcurrently has a special display about frogs

    anybody been to the children's and / or science museums at the mall?

  24. The fearless frog hunters are "napping" on bedste's bed with Land B4 time video playing.

    How nice to have an hour to myself to chill and re-group and download photos and email mommies.

    I pray for BUSH everytime I think of HIM.

    He was put into office on PURSPOSE by God.

    He has done more to end ABORTION than any other president.

    He has stopped Partial Birth all together and made a lot of ground.

    I pray for him. He is NOT perfect.

    He is a MAN

  25. i hope the frog hunters had a bath before napping...

    a baking soda bath

  26. Actually, I know that they will be wanting to go outside again and play after "naptime" so they have sanitized their hands.....and layed down pretty much filthy..I know I know........but I have to change my bedding today anyway...(its Saturday) and you know how much little men like to bathe.... so I am not pushing the edge of the envelope or the edge of the bath tub.....I plan on letting them play and play and scrounge for worms and dig...and tire themselves out.......throw them in the tub and maybe tonight we will actually sleep.

    Last night, they thought it was a slumber party or something.

    Giggling and wrestling.....they wore me out.. I folded out the sofa sleeper and plugged in NEMO..

    It was after midnight when they finally settled down , and Graceson was up at 6:30....ready to go find frogs....I got him to crawl in bed with Bedste and pretend to sleep for another hour.

    Tonight we are going to snuggle in the twilight and SLEEP for goodness sake. All four of us in one room.....that way I can keep the wrestling down to a minimum.

  27. We will have to official releasing of the frogs around sundown....

    Maybe a tad bit earlier...that needs to be done B4 bath time and am shooting for an early bath time and wind down......tonight.

    Boys are so much fun.

  28. wow

    i'm tired with all the discussing of the fun you're having


  29. mrs. sp

    where does the term "darnit" come from????

  30. must be referring to the old-fashioned way to repair socks with holes in them...

    the old man says.... "dear, when i put my socks on, the left one lets my big toe escape..."

    then, the old lady says... "well, just darn it..."

  31. LOL crack me up..

    OK ms Spartymants.

    Where does the phrase......Golly gee willakers......come from?

  32. For real Q for MsSP

    Why is Twinkle Twinkle sung to the same tune as ABCDEFG?

  33. Why does happys face seem to move and jump when scrolling up to comment on BLOG?

  34. Why do large dogs lie down when needing attention?

  35. Smarty Pants.........Why o Why do we complain and grumble regardless of being in the land of plenty or in the desert eating MANNA?

  36. VKG- sounds like a blast you're having with the boys!

    Ahh, political discussion.... I too have become disheartened about Bush.

  37. Thank you JOSH...tell me more.

    I am very interested. I just am tired of hearing what a horrible president he has been since the beginning.

    Has not. He has done a lot of great things.

    What is it that is so disheartening?

    Do we want to go back to Clinton?

  38. Favorite Little PrincessJuly 28, 2007 at 7:25 PM


  39. Had all three boys prepared for jumping in the BATH and realizes that the FROGS were still in the house......

    Wonderful thing about living in the can go outside in your own yard without putting all your clothes on.

    The boys all went out in shirts and underwear.......and let the frogs go free....

    then Caleb and Graceson started catching them again and again..and then Enoch tried to help the guys capture the innocent little frogs.

    They are still going strong....

  40. political discussion

    what people must realize that the president seriously has very little "power"... but that many many decisions are made by others in the political system....

    and that those people are put there by voting people like us!

    even though it seems like GW did good... it was the actions of the voters and who they voted in who did the most good... or bad...

    whomever hasn't taken a government class in college, should... or, read a govn't text book so that you understand how this whole thing was set up...and where the strengths and weaknesses of the system are...

    i am glad that gwb appointed the good justices....and that was all confirmed and approved by those who are already appointed and elected in other very powerful positions that we have elected...

    pray for those who are in authority over you.... and
    v o t e

    ok - i'm not an expert... but, just had to comment

  41. the twinkle twinkle song probably came before the alphabet lyrics... to the same melody

    (can't wait til Monday)

    oh, and also i'm known as a SP... sorry, move over, MSP....

  42. trying to post a new pic...


  43. Certainly not back Bill Clinton, and absolutely NOT Hilary. Keith got to bed late because I really wanted to take him out to the park, so it’s now spouse time. I’ll say more tomorrow and during the week. There is so much to know and understand.

    MPC- You’re correct that the pres has limited power, at least that was the intent of our Constitution. The abuse of executive orders (which are dictatorship powers) has circumvented that. This is very un-Constitutional, and all executive orders should be thrown out!

  44. My picture is Keith's owie from last weekend. If you didn't see my comment; he fell on the pavement & scraped his nose & forehead. It's just about gone & healed now.

  45. Ms. Smartypants,

    -If you had to pick between Hillary Clinton and Obama who would you pick?

    -Will you run for president one day?

    -Do you have any advice for my 10 hour flight with Isaac from Tokyo to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Washington DC and then back? What would you do if you had to do a 2-week trip like mine with your littles?


  46. For those of you who know me, please send me email. My Outlook has totally freaked out, and is completely unopenable ever since a storm knocked our power out two days ago. I'm quite sad. All of my email address, old email, and calendar things are not accessable! So, if you'll please send me email, I can at least put your addresses in my new Outlook profile. ...Oh the pain!! My heart sinks every time I think of all the valuable stuff I had in there!! ...many sobs.



  48. lots of sob stories for you Angie.

    I can feel your pain.

    My current delima is that my computer no longer askes me to log in to my gmail. When it was annoying.....but I was automatically until I figure this out...I too am anon.

    I will identify myself.

    Danish Pagen may show up again.

    I cannot remember the answer to all the questions it asks me...and it does NOT want my google info..
    Wont even take it.

    I was once reunited with my bio dad. about 7 years ago...maybe more......time flies.

    He emailed me lots of old pics..of me and my sisters.....and my mother and him.....and long lost family........

    CRASH..........lost them all.

    I feel your pain.......

    Same thing happened to me recently with all my grandkid photos but a great friend named Robert......was able to retrieve them and fix my computer........

    So I am so grateful.....

    I also lost all my family photo albums of all my babies when they were born ect.....

    This broke my heart.....

    So I FEEL your pain...

    I need to buy an additional hard drive for my computer so that Robert can fix it up to be the place for all my I can stop bogging down my computer with my addiction.


    It worked...but I had to try three different things to get it to work and I do not know which one worked.


  50. Ms Smartypants #1 (no offense MamaPC)

    Three sleeping worn out angels-
    8:10 am Sunday morning-

    Do you quietly move around the house typing on Blogs and checking emails and enjoying your coffee?

    Do you wake them up and get them fed and get to Church on time or early so you can visit with Sylvia?

    Do you chill and go with the flow and do things towards preparing for Church but not get overly noisey and let those little men wake up on their own?

  51. MamaPC-your new pic looks too much like your old pic...

  52. Josh-Keith is beautiful.

    I see Shannon and YOU>

    He is such a good looking kid.

  53. Dear Ms Smartapants:

    When you finally have Brynn back up on your Blog Id do you keep your blog open forever and minimize it or what?

  54. VG said.........

    Sonia.....are you coming to DC for THE CALL?

    Wow.....that is a long flight.

    I love long flights...but not so much with children.....they can only handle so much.

    I bet it will be nice for you to be back stateside for a spell.

  55.'an! Your pain is MUCH worse than my pain! I only lost old email (not so old email, rather), addresses, and calendar entries! I've thought about what I should grab if there's ever one of those emergencies, that's going to destroy your house, or hurricane that you have to evacuate from, etc. I'd grab my computer (which has everything on it), and all the old photos of my kids that I could carry. I definitely have my priorities in order.

    I feel horrible about your photo losses! *hug*


  56. ok
    its after 3pm on monday
    where is ms smartypants
    she must reserve the right to answer - period!

  57. I blogged HOURS ago. But alas, no commentors

  58. angelag - you might change your name to angelap or angelperk... or angelenergy!!!


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