Friday, July 20, 2007

Ask a Smartypants


Ms. Smartypants will be accepting questions from now until an arbitrary point on Sunday. We reserve the right to skip questions because our brain gets tired. But go ahead and ask!

Last night I went and watched Leah dance at the Freedom Fellowship conference. Unbelievable. I have never seen anyone else do what she does. I mean, there are awesome dancers, anointed dancers. But she is like a human flame. And last night was some kind of graduation, or a beginning... I don't know. It was significant.
Tonight, my man Kevin Prosch will be leading worship. I missed him at the Call... we were backstage while Richy was getting ready to be interviewed... ( he got bumped, so that's why he ain't famous yet), but I digress. We could hear Kev in the background, and I hate that we missed it. So tonight, I'm there. And YES the baby has earplugs if she needs them.


  1. Hey Jess I can't wait for Kevin tonight!! And yes Leah was totally awesome. I got so stired up. Her anointing is so strong! So powerfull, I just was so excited I was jumping up and down screaming!!! That I was made for war ending was so great! I know something huge happened in the spirit!!!

  2. I will no longer impersonate “anon #2” or “SECOND.”

  3. Worshiping with KP would be great!

    It really saddens me to overhear a couple ladies at work talking about a TV show just like it is real life. Someone had a heart attack, they JUST KNOW someone is marrying someone for hidden business motives, someone is starting a business, and someone is having problems with a friend. If I missed that it was a TV show, I would've thought they were talking about real people. They are really talking like you’d think it is real. IT IS FAKE!! Get involved in REAL life. STOP letting the TV and FAKE reality steal your emotions and attention... get INVOLVED in REAL people. REAL people need those emotions you're WASTING on FAKE and FLEETING fantasies!

    It really burdens my heart how much TV and entertainment sucks away so many people’s life. It’s like a big black hole that just pulls in your time, emotions, and energy.

    I’m done....

    (had to fix some bad spelling from last post)

  4. whos goin to the call in las vegas?

  5. Ms. Smartypants-
    Why, at 4:30 on Friday, are there NO questions for your enlightening column?

  6. they're all getting their answers from a superior column: Mr. Know-it-all

  7. yes, the spirit of Calvin Stanley has been transferred to me...I realized the moment Anila was born that I was indeed Mr. Know-it-all. Once Kai came along my powers doubled...along with my superior intellect and education. I do know what a plethora is...

  8. Dear Ms. Smartypants,
    How big of pants does it take to be so smarty? Would shorts do?

  9. Is the snap off picture a reflection? What are the guys doing?> Do I need glasses to be able to enjoy that pic?

    Leah danced to "I was made for war"?

    I bet that was kool.

  10. Dear Ms. Smartypants,

    In reference to this week's introduction, "We reserve the right to skip questions because our brain gets tired. But go ahead and ask! "

    Who exactly is "we"?

  11. i guess i'm all alone; everyone is at freedom fellowship......i bet that's nice...

    layla and others: i went to ORU....good school.....i took four semesters of frank schaeffer; they called it humanities when i was there.

    anonymous 2 or second or the person who's not impersonating anonymous 2 anymore:

    if you really are a person, and you really can help with child care, please don't tease me. identify yourself and contact me, but please DON'T tease me.

    that is all.

    good night.

  12. Clammy: Really? When? What did you study and where did you live? Yeah, they still require humanities. I don't recall them using much Francis Schaeffer. A lot of C.S. Lewis though...

  13. I need help!

    I am trying to create a calendar for scheduling activities.....

    How do I find that?

    I have looked at templates ect..and I have found calendars gallore, but none with enough space to write ....

    I need 10 lines per day...that I can type on...


  14. Anybody who wants to see Leah and her posse dance: they'll be repeating both dances tonight 7 pm at Freedom Felllowship-- you do NOT want to miss it!

  15. i saw Leah's posse dance on Wed night - a glorious rehearsal...and my camera battery was dead...

    that was the whole reason I went there... to see and record it cause i knew i wouldn't get to be there thurs because of a home group meeting on thurs night...

    so, then, i planned to go on thurs at 4:30 when they were going to rehearse it again with the whole freedom fellowship team...TOGETHER...

    so my boss said i could leave work early... but then, right when i was supposed to leave, she held me back... and all kinds of things happened where I was late getting away... but jumped into the car at 4;25...and finally got to FF at 4:45!!! and they had just finished their run-thru...!!! so, I missed it!!! again!!!

    meanwhile, john had planned to loan out my as I was heading to FF, he was heading to the hospital to borrow MY car... (that's another whole story) and he was upset with me because he had planned to pick ME up and go meet some folks for a dinner meeting BEFORE our thurs meeting (that i didn't know about) so... by the time i heard that I had MISSED the run-through on Thurs at 4:30... i melted down...

    other factors figured into the story... (hormones, rude son language, health issues) so, i made a total fool of myself at the FF rehearsal on Thurs afternoon at 4:45 and fell into a sack of tears...

    what was THAT all about???

    i think there is war in the air... and the enemy has stepped up his efforts... but, we will not lay down... we will not close our eyes!!!

    We were made for war...
    We were made for battle...
    and the weapons we have are MIGHTY!!!

    Lord help us to see the BIG PLAN and to hold onto Your hand
    and model our lives after Yours
    to take this world for You

  16. layla, i'd like to meet you!

    maybe we could write a script together for a huge awesome drama i'm creating right now in my spare time...


    wanna work???

  17. anonymous:
    google has a pretty nice calendar system that might interest you. i think you'd have to sign up for an account though.

  18. Clammy: Really? When? What did you study and where did you live? Yeah, they still require humanities. I don't recall them using much Francis Schaeffer. A lot of C.S. Lewis though...

    i went to ORU from 1993-1998
    i lived in all three sets of dorms while i was there. i think i lived on sigma tau sigma the longest.
    i studied elementary education until i figured out that i would be quite miserable if i had to teach first graders, and then i changed my major to english education. unfortunately, it is very difficult to complete the required literature coursework for four years in only one year, and i'm afraid i did not finish my degree. it's really a pretty sad story.
    when i was there, the humanities department was headed by an older couple - both ph.d.'s but i can't remember their names now. i'm guess they would've retired by now. they used francis shaeffer videos for probably more than 75 % of the lectures.

    let's just say i have a much greater appreciation for francis schaeffer now than i did then.

  19. Dear Ms Smartypants:

    Why do I always need a nap on Saturdays & Sundays?


  20. Ms Smartypants,

    Why are some people so messy?! Why can't they be thoughtful enough to clean after themselves; put their dishes in the dishwasher or at least rinse them out in the sink?!
    Why must they always leave food out on the countertop to tempt roaches & ants?!

    What's up with them anyway? Is it laziness? Thoughtlessness? Stupidity? What! What! What???

  21. Ms. Smartypants,

    Why did Francis Schaeffer wear a skirt?

  22. Dear Ms.Spartymants

    Why is it, every time I Need to balance checkbook, and go through my bills and paperwork, that I realize my closet needs cleaning out, or the floor needs to be swept, or the dog needs a good brushing?

  23. Ms. Smartypants,

    Why do you think you're smart enough to answer all these questions?

    I.B. Smarterer

  24. anonomys - did not go to church this morning, evidenced by posting at 9:50 a.m.

    so... maybe we can start deducing who he or she is...

  25. jess,

    please report condition of your husband's back....and tell him i'm praying for him.

    hope he's feeling better very very quickly.

  26. Pam....regular church starts at 10:30 could be anyone...

    Also ......the only local Bloggeree that I did NOT see@church was Jessica herself....

    How do you spell Heathan?

  27. H-E-A-T-H-E-N

  28. oh, i didn't see angie either....
    so, she's in the heathen bunch with jess :-)

    jess, what happ to r's back? he looked like he wasn't too comfortable...

  29. oh, excuse me...


    my 2.5 hour nap this afternoon has left me with insomnia tonight...

    that, on top of a cup of coffee at 6 p.m. - and a couple of excedrin...(aspirin, tylenol and CAFFIEND)

    but, at least i'm awake and THINKING...

    i've been dragging ever since the call...

  30. no questions for smarty britches....

    i'm smart enough already!!!


  31. did i tell you all that i'm applying for a new position? it's one where i'll work 8 hours per day (mon - fri) and NOT have to take call any more...

    i hate to leave my dept in a crunch... but, it would be nice to have steady hours with no "surprises"...

  32. oh - and pray for john's nephew, justin of the same last name...

    20 yrs old, been in prison... and before that juvenile facilities... and now on parole... and this weekend, was given ultimatum that if he didn't ck into rehab, that he was to go BACK into jail...

    so, that got him moving...

    we bought him a bus ticket from his homie-land in north texas to ABILENE to a Salvation Army rehab and treatment facility... and he's going to be catching the bus at 2 a.m. in just a few hours...and will be traveling til 8 in themorning.... to go where he can start new and fresh!

    pray for him...

    for anyone who met him last Summer when we did the Tribe presentation at the Father's house... he was there with John's dad... and John's niece Christi... he's such a wounded person... and needs a miracle...


    please remember Justin Matthew C. in your prayers over the next few weeks... and all of John's family...


    i guess i
    will go on to bed

    love you all... each and every one...



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