Monday, July 30, 2007

josharoo said...
Mrs. Smartypants,

What did the Jones’ do to be chosen for the phrase “Keeping up with the Jones’?”
Frederick X. Jones, that great emancipator and poet… his contributions to society will not quickly be forgotten. He invented the paper clip, which had enormous success and made him a wealthy man. Very quickly, though, he fell into dissolution and wild hedonism. In a holding cell in the deepest regions of Antartica, he met Ms. Penelope Cedarwocky, who gladly married him to escape her last name. Together, they invented the binder clip, and the rest is history.

josharoo said...
Mrs. Smartypants,

Please tell us more about you, such as your family history, where you grew up, what you do for a living, and info about your spouse.
This is a subject for another day, dear reader. Maybe even a book. Or miniseries.

anonymous said...

When will the imperial George W. Bush be impeached?
On that day of porcine soaring, my dear reader.

anonymous said...
Dear Ms Smartypants,

What is best color to choose for fingernails & toes? There are so many wonderful colors from which to choose that it is sometimes overwhelming. Help!
Many young readers like to adorn themselves in dark fingernail polish and go about looking like their hands have been in a terrible accident (see: green eyeshadow). This reporter even knows of one rockstar who may or may not be this reporter’s brother wearing black fingernail polish. Not advisable… I recommend a bright-ish shade of coral, almost a violent coral. A shade that assaults the senses of passers-by.

anonymous said...
Yes, when will Americans wake up and smell the fascism of W?
32 degrees Farenheit. Perdition.

bethc said...
here's amillion dollar question:
which is more profitable? faith or hardwork and good stewardship when it comes to supernatural provision?
If this reporter had a million dollars, she would tell you.

There were a lot more questions... maybe I shall answer some this week. But now, I must be the submissive wifey and go do the MOG's errands...

and CHECK THIS OUT! Noooooooooooo


  1. Marvin Zindler is dead. Isn't that weird?

  2. weird


    yes, it is.

  3. I get your coded answers – When pigs fly & when hell freezes over.

    Very witty.

  4. I deleted several comments here... let me 'splain.

    This is my blog. It's a happy little community place where I don't really engage in deep political or theological discussions. Should I?? Guess that's up to me.

    So if you have an agenda or a cause that you'd like to promote, I recommend that you start a blog. They're free and easy to maintain. But please don't bring all the negativity in here.

  5. This week's grammar lesson is especially for Texans.

    Very early in American history, Texans discovered a most obvious flaw in the English language, the lack of a distinctive plural you.

    Whether I'm speaking to 1 person or 100 people, the boring little three-letter word, "you," is all I get to use.

    Ingenious and creative Texans took this grammatical bull by the horns and fixed the problem by inventing the word, "y'all." Thus we arrive at today's lesson.

    "Y'all" is a contraction. It is made up of the two words, "you" and "all." The apostrophe takes the place of the letters "ou."

    Over time, some loyal Texans have forgotten the origin of "y'all" and have degraded it to the nonstandard (that means incorrect) form, "ya'll."

    Please don't do that anymore.

  6. G.E- now that's a good one for them Texans.

    Neat thing at church yesterday- We had a missionary couple from the Ukraine. He grew up in the USA. He’s about 32, and she upper 20’s, and they’ve been married 6 years. Shannon and I got to talk to them after the morning service. He was saying how cute Keith is and asking me about being a father. I enthusiastically shared how wonderful and joyous it is. He was a bit surprised how positive I was about having children (he hears a lot of negative- the work, how tiring, etc.). He said his wife has wanted children since shortly after they married, but he has resisted because they are so busy, and he doesn’t know what changes would be required. I started speaking to him about how one of the first commands is to be fruitful and multiple, and that if God’s Word says “children are a blessing from the Lord,” and “Blessed is the man who’s quiver is full,” then we have to believe that, and know that God will bring that blessing to us. I was saying, “Children aren’t a curse, or a drag, but a blessing. We laugh SO MUCH, it’s just great!” He was like, “!” Told him if he could hang out at our house for just a couple hours, he’d be convinced. He was really receiving it. We came to the evening service and talked to them more afterwards. Keith sat it his lap for a long time and charmed him. He even kissed Keith on the forehead a couple times. When we were leaving, he very sincerely thanked me for imparting fatherhood to him, and said he would trust the Lord for children. We really enjoyed talking to them, and exchanged email addresses to stay in touch and know when they get pregnant.


  7. AngelaG- I suspect that you may not have lost all your Outlook content. I’d be glad to talk to you on the phone and see if we can find the file to reload, if you’d like to try it. I’ve done a good amount with Outlook at home and work, and helped several people at work restore the files after computer upgrades. You just may have to remap or something else. Want to try?

  8. Josh is so helpful. =)

    Good morning all.

    Good word on atmosphere, Jess.

    I belive i am frist.

    Congratulations to me!

  9. Yes, i think it is very weird that Marvin Zindler is dead.

    Once when i was a little girl, i played with his granddaughter.

    That's my official claim to fame.

    I don't remember her name, but i thought about her, and i was sad for her that her grandfather has passed.

    I hope he knows the Lord.

    Marvin Zindler's been on t.v. my whole life.

    It's kind of like when Reagan finished his second term; i think i was like 12 or 13, so Reagan had been president for my entire conscious life. It was a major shake up to understand that someone else could be president!

    It's weird how we develop these attachments to people we've never met but who influence our lives.

    It's kind of like, "Ok honey, Aunt Jan's term is up this year. Would you like to have Patty or Sue as your new aunt?"

    o.k. i'm done rambling for now.

    have a great day everyone!



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