Tuesday, July 10, 2007

mo catchin up

It's funny in a non-funny way to realize what a "victim" I have become. So many excuses for why I can't be or do what I have to. And yeah, I can't. But if I choose not to develop a love and a dependence on God, does that make my toothlessness justified?

Over the last 40 days, I have been learning about myself. Introspection, in.
I have been through heck, yes. And the things I went through could crush someone's faith. And mine has been pretty crushed. What's amazing is that God is so consistent. He is the same.
I don't know what the heck is going on. But now, I am different. I look at my myspace or here or the news and the pull is gone. I love my blog, and I'll keep writing daily. But I don't NEED it like I did. And I have to seize the day while there's grace here to change.
Introspection, out.

For anyone who hasn't seen me or my fam in the last couple of months, here are a few pictures. In the ones from the Call, you may be able to see Toby with Eva in the crowd.
And a video... does R2 see angels?

Deleted video temporarily.. ( the other videos were referenced from the first video, not ours ) We'll fix.

R2: Cake!
We're going to church, we're going to church!
We're going to church.
Me: What's up there?
R2: Up there! The sky. SKY!
It's dancing, people dancing.
I love that. I love that picture.
(random brynn-ness)


  1. Hey there, Jess!
    I cannot believe there are no comments yet - what gives?
    The photos are so cute - that Tobe's a real looker.
    Glad to know all went well at The Call-sorry I did not make it

    Where's Josh?

  2. Such good pictures! Maybe no one realized you are back yet? Jess have you looked at the website for the wedding photos? There is a couple of good ones of your familia. Chris Harvey is over at Freedom Fellowship this week. Going over there tonight. I just love the pressence of God in that place it hits me as soon as I walk in. And Sunday I was praying with Kathleen Gage, and got to talk to Laura Allison. I just love hanging out with prayer warriors. And there is alot more space over there to do flags!! I get tired of hitting the ceiling all the time at TFH.

    And Where is Josh???

  3. beautiful babies
    sweet hearts
    powerful testimony

  4. hi jess!

    welcome back!

    awesome testimony i was reading from you. thank you for sharing that. it helped me.

  5. Man, oh, man!

    Where's Josh?

    This just ain't no blog without Josh (er, & you, too, Jess)!

    Man, where is Josh?!

  6. Hey Jess......Where is JOSH?


    Where are YOU?

    How do you view the wedding pics?

    What is the webaddress?

  7. Good morning all!
    Eva, Wedding picks are at www.lensflaircreative/HENRY
    user name henry
    password henry2007

  8. So, I guess I’m a celebrity… or something.

    Been pretty busy. I’ll get into things after Jess’ post today.

  9. Is Josh here yet?

  10. 7/5
    new stiles baby girl is born (Shannon)!

  11. jess! was that you singing up there with the group??? i was so far away when you all were singing, that i didn't know you were up there too!!! wow! and the baby too???

    i got some video-type footage but it only picked up sound and a lot of people walking around and into the stadium.... i couldn't zoom in...

    sounded GREAT!


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