Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday morning at noon

Getting a pretty late start today... got home from a meeting with the Radiants last night post-midnight. So my boys slept till 10. And I did NOT stop them. Me and Bean had a peaceful little morning of reading and smiling at each other.

So the clamor about Richy's back, it hurts my ears. Enough already. Here's the story. (Secondhand, as I am not Richy and also I did not attend church.) Richy was at church alone, as we overslept and it was too much work to get the babies ready and so on. He was worshipping and turned this way or that way, and something in his back slipped, and he fell down on the floor because a)his back gave out and b)there is a distinct possibility he is a drama queen, So then he is laying (or lying) on the floor on his back and no one will look at him because they think he's worshipping. The fact is, at our church people do strange things when they worship, sometimes. So laying on your back is not unusual. And he's trying to make eye contact but no one sees. So he gives up and just goes ahead and worships. Then, at offering time, everyone is carefully stepping around him but not looking at him. Until he finally gets his mom with the Viking Death Stare, and she comes and helps him. And people give him drugs and carry him out. And then he comes home and lays or lies on the couch in true pain (see, I'm not heartless), and sleeps and such. So there you go.
Here's the deal. I know it hurt. Insanely. I'm just saying that if it happened to a woman, it would have gone down differently. Just saying, that's all.


  1. also, new pics on le picture blog!

  2. Ok glad to hear you are not totally heartless. I have no problem being compassionate. To a point! But I do believe that woman have higher pain tolerance levels. Especially certain kinds of pain like back pain.

  3. So did you go to the concert last night?

  4. nope... we had a radiant meeting.

  5. We did not go either, I was just still so tired from everything and Sundays just wear me out! And I knew we would see Kevin again on Wednesday at Texas Ablaze. I know if I had gone I would have wanted to dance and stuff and I just couldn't my body is still mad at me!

  6. are the nights free at Texas Ablaze?

  7. All I have to say is.... Brynn is looking really good!

    Women and pain go together like a feet and gum dieses.

  8. sorry to hear 'bout Keith's boo-boo

  9. If i may...

    Jessica LIES down for a nap.

    Jessica LAYS the paper on the table.

    I hope that helps.

    Anonymous grammar enthusiast

  10. Brynn is so beautiful!!!!!!

    and the boys are cute too.

  11. thanks for the Brynn loves!
    and a BIG thanks to the grammar enthusiast... that one plagues me.

  12. Oh my! I needed a good laugh this morning and that did it. I mean, I do sincerely feel bad for Richy and I hope his back gets better soon but boy it was a funny post. :D


  13. More on lay and lie. I find this fascinating!

    If it weren't confusing enough already (whether to use lay or lie), the past tense of the proper use of lie....is lay.

    That one will really mess with you if you're not careful.

    Lay (laid, laid, laying) requires a direct object.
    i.e., Jessica will lay the baby down for a nap. Jessica laid the baby down for a nap. Jessica has laid the baby down for a nap. Jessica is laying the baby down for a nap.

    Lie (lay, lain, lying) is a direct action without a direct object.

    i.e., Jessica would like to lie down for a nap. Jessica lay down for a nap. (This one means she already did lie down.) Jessica has lain down for a nap. Jessica is lying down for a nap.

    Now, Jessica, wake up! It's not time for napping right now. :)

    Thank you for your indulgence. Not many audiences will entertain such fascinating grammar discussions.

    Happy day!

    grammar enthusiast

    Next time, we'll discuss the use of the phrase, "I could care less."

  14. Next time, we'll discuss the use of the phrase, "I could care less."

    THANK YOU!!!! UGH! I hate it when people do that. It's like scratching fingernails on a chalkboard...and you want to say something, but you don't want to be the anal retentive grammar nerd... And, then you revert back to your Issues of the Heart days and you say, "Well, is it love to let them continue in their grammar error? Surely not. I'm being prideful by letting them maintain their ignorance. How, I don't know, but I bet if I thought about it long enough, I could figure it out."

    hehehe just kidding. Issues is a good course. But, for those of you who took Issues, or went to Christ the King during the early to mid 90's, when CTK church life WAS Issues, I just thought you'd appreciate the humor.

  15. i took issues, and i have to say that sometimes it is love to let someone use such nonstandard grammar, and sometimes, it is not.


  16. I have to say I appreciate the grammar correction. Alltough I usually know in my head the correct way to say things, and then I open my mouth and stumble all over my words. I hate when I do that. And as far as typing it is usually spelling that trips me up. Or sometimes just the fact that I type so quickly my hands get ahead of my brain.


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