Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mission unlikely

My mission, should I choose to accept it: Go NOW, in the narrow window of time between breakfast and nap. Procure library books. Then, pick up a prescription and some essentials (i.e. ice cream) at Walmart. Return home before the meltdown.
But first, change shirts because peanut butter is not an accessory.

Wish me luck.


  1. Library huh. What pray tell in your extremely busy schedule have you found time to read? Of course I know you will not answer this question until after the melt down. Good luck, and God speed.

  2. I got about 10 Christian fiction books... glorious. And then we had to go to the Toyota dealership for the longest oil change in recorded history- so no WalMArt. Nuts.

  3. Now I'm going to read during toby's nap, and then clean when he wakes up. HA!

  4. Bummer, no ice cream!

    Thank you for the Keith Owie comment annon...whom ever you are.

  5. ur welcome josh
    it's so hard to see your kids get hurt
    did you & shannon get a picture of his 1st owie?

  6. i sure wish ananamous would speak forth his/her name...

    why should we all share with our names and faces plastered on the screen for all to see....and oonanoumi hide for all eternity???

    i MUST KNOW WHO THIS GRAMMAR ENTHUSIEST who think she knows jess and her family ISSSSSSSSS!!!

  7. Yep,got pictures.

    I agree with MamaPC, it's hard to converse with anons. It would be nice to know who has compasion for my son...... what is thy name?

  8. you people and your anon insecurity.... relax!
    Here are a few friends I suspect to be anon
    Kerri, my pal missionary-ing in Romania
    Angie K
    Sandra L
    Sharon D
    former teachers of mine from Piney Woods- you know who you are
    Kat, pretending she isn't here

    and a few other possibilities. Now, those are all nice people, no? Welcome them in their anonymity

  9. my initials are __
    yes i have compassion for all the little (& big) ones that get owies
    it's so hard for them, but harder for mom & dad


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