Friday, August 25, 2006

doesn't get much cuter...

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Okay, so yesterday afternoon, the gents and Lentil and I went out. Soon, this will not be such an undertaking, because we will live closer to "out". On the other hand, I will have 3 children. It's a tradeoff.
First stop... the bank. Not interesting. Second, the library, where R2 and I checked out a book about horses. "See the horse, Richy? You're going to meet a real horse today!" Flapping, page turning, etc. General agreement.
Then, we were off to the Y. Richy read (well, you know) his book and I got lost. For some reason, I thought the Y was on 2854. Luckily, I have been through Issues enough times to plan for enough time to get lost and still be there on time. So, a few minutes early, we pulled up at the stables.
We walked out there... man, it had to be 100 degrees and it was 6:00! I had Tobes in the stroller with a bottle of water. We had to wait our turn, so we watched the horses. MAN! Those suckers are huge! We finally sat at the table with a few other specials... they had their helmets and so on. So cute. Paperwork, paperwork.

The whole time R2 is pointing at the horse... like, "I thought you said I was going to get on the horse..."
Finally it was his turn. They talked him through everything, put on a little helmet... he was a little nervous about that. Then they walked up this big ramp so he was standing right by the top of the horse. By this point, I had a mad overheated Toby in the Bjorn, and I was taking pictures. They helped him climb up on the horse, and then they walked the horse through the ramp while they both held R from the side.

He seemed really intent. He wasn't flapping or talking or smiling, but I could tell he was really into it. They walked him around a few laps... They would stop and change his position a little, focusing on different muscles and such. Then they helped him dismount... and he came back to me.
His little head was so sweaty from the helmet, and he was really flushed. It was just so neat because he was really thinking about what had just happened. He looked bigger, somehow.
So they will be seeing him every Thursday for 45 minutes or so. Very exciting.

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