Saturday, August 12, 2006

catching up

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I forgot yesterday was a weekday.. I always mean to post on weekdays. Oh, well.
Last night we stayed at the PrayerStorm until 3-ish... it was so rocking and I was just getting started but all the babies started waking up so off we went. If you haven't stayed overnight, you should. Such a cool dynamic.

The anniversary: was fun. But when I was starting the blog the other day, my spouse came in and engaged me in what could commonly be decribed as "an argument". It wasn't, of course. But that's how many would carelessly describe it.
So then I didn't want to type a gooshy blog about our date, or our 10 years.

If you are the type who would refer to "arguing", then you could say we "made up" now. But only if you are that type.

Our original plan was a Hawaiian vacation. Instead, we are moving to a new house.
So, we dropped our kids off at various grandmothers and went to Red Lobster (my special occasion pick every time). I had crab legs, which always kinda makes Richy queasy.

Then he tells me he planned for us to stay a night away, in a hotel! Fun!
So after dinner, we go to the Woodlands Riverwalk and hang out and take pictures and such.

THEN..... the phone rings. Toby ain't havin it. No thank you. Uh-uh.
So we go to my mom's, where Toby is gasping and sputtering and choking and crying. And as soon as I get him, he's laughing and jumping and telling jokes. This kid defines the proverbial ti**y baby. And, honestly, I was delighted to see him... I missed him! LOL.

So off Toby goes to the hotel with us. Richy's plan for me to get 8 hours sleep is also foiled by Toby.
But, hey... I prayed to get these "problems"!
Oh, and the hotel was free... reward points... gotta love that.

It was fun for us, and a nice break from home. Plus Richy gets major brownie points for planning the whole thing.

Except the Toby part...

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