Thursday, August 31, 2006


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I seem to be good at it. At least, mild controversy. Understand, the
comments I made about men and women and the word "hot" are
generalizations. I know women are capable of sleazy thoughts, and men
are capable of objective thought. I was just saying, and I have had
this conversation with lots of people, actually. (I used to spend
8-12 hours a day in a van in mixed company) that GENERALLY a man
using "hot" as a reference is more sexual than a woman using "hot" as
a reference.

I would also like to say, for the record, that I do not find Tom
Selleck attractive. He is too hairy.

Now, on to my real topic. Tonight will be my last night in my little
house in the woods. Feeling a little nostalgic. When we moved in here
in December of 2002, it was just one room. The only door inside was
the bathroom. Then we built a laundry room.... and lived for a couple
years. Then I started going nuts and they built the new bedrooms and
the deck. What a pretty little cottage it is now.
I will miss you, little house. I will miss my purple kitchen. I will
miss my pretty little room with all the windows. I will miss the rain
on the roof- badly.
I will miss a house that has the memory of all of my babies, so far.
I will miss Juan and Sandy and the camaraderie and friendship. I will
miss not having rent. I will miss being far enough away that no one
ever drops in.
You have been a good little house. Thanks.

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