Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot date

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Last night I went on a date... by myself.
VKG kept the young--uns... except for little Lentil... and I went to the movies... where I ordered nachos with jalapenos and milk duds. It was great. Watched a little Hilary Duff chickflick... which I laughed very loudly at.... sometimes stuff is funnier when you are by yourself.
Then Lentil and I went to Borders and had a bread bowl of pasta fagioli... which is kinda funny to say... and it wasn't that good. But, protein in there and whatnot. Then I wandered around Borders for a few minutes and purchased this book... of babies... on clearance for 5.99!
Fun was had by all... I like me.

Tonight is R2's evaluation for the horseriding therapy program... Leap of Faith. Very exciting stuff.

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