Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Today, the radiants are recording. I am not very sick yet... I should cook some stuff and freeze it. And clean my house.
Or, lay around and read books.
Anybody want a cat?

I am so tired. So wewwy wewwy tiwed. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

Okay: blogging.
You know when you're finished with one thing and ready to go to the next thing but you have to WAIT? That's me. I am so ready to go get in my new house... so exciting. And it's only 8 days or so. But you know, a watched pot and so on...
And of course, very little is packed. And the radiants are recording until Sunday. Handy. But don't worry your maternal hearts... I do not exert much effort when un-pregnant... I will certainly not strain a single muscle when pregnant. I might put books in a box. That should be acceptable. I have two appointments with Type-A's coming up to come and help clean and pack. How embarassing... I need to pre-clean and pre-pack.
Or, lay around and read books.

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