Tuesday, August 22, 2006

intro to pregnancy ramblings

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For those of you who entered blog-dom around or after December... a warning.
This blog was originally set up to give people my information so I wouldn't have to talk on the phone. Thus, the reproductive terminology flows pretty freely. There are certain words that I will not use.... but cervix and uterus and so on... fair game.

This is what I have: I have a body that thinks it is time to go into labor once my baby weighs about 1 pound. My brain sends some kind of signal, and I start contracting and dilating, just like normal labor. Only I start very early. With R2, I didn't recognize contractions, and my water broke at 23 weeks and 3 days. With the twins, I noticed contractions beginning at 18 weeks. With Toby, I felt contractions at 14 weeks, and more serious ones at 19 weeks. But I had later weeks 24-28ish without contractions. So the way we have found to manage this... prayer, lots of checkups, laying down to keep weight off my cervix, and progesterone shots and ocassionally labor-stopping (hell-based) drugs. So there you go.

Now, I am normally a very modest, private person. Really. But when it comes to pregnancy, I have to keep the people informed. It should be fairly mild around here until November or so when they start really watching me. Then, the biology lessons shall begin.

Man, I am really hoping that this will be an easy pregnancy. I plan on resting, regardless. But I just would love to rest with NO contractions.
Do I hope it's a girl? everyone asks. Well, I don't know. Of course, I think it would be fun to have a girl. Especially if she was a girly-girl and we could hang out. (If she's catching bugs and such...ewww) But I am planning for a boy. I have had 4 in a row, and it seems like I will keep having them. Plus, it seems easier to have all one gender and share clothes and beds and baths and whatnot.
A girl would be cool. I've just never had one.

Hopefully I can go to the doctor pretty soon and find out how far along I am, officially.

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