Monday, August 7, 2006

Counting down

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Man, I was packing like Martha Stewart last night. I know I have over 3 weeks to go, but I'm excited! And I have to start taming the chaos around here. So we purchased some 66 Gal totes and I packed maternity clothes, and clothes for Toby to grow in to, and Christmas stuff.... and so on.
I also made an unbelievably huge stack of clothes to get rid of. Man. I should have a garage sale.
But the MOG wouldn't want to unless it would be HIGHLY profitable.... and it might not.

Anybody got the hookup on fence-building? We have to build a pretty monster fence at the new place.
Just everything- very exciting.

This morning is the mom home group at CTK- the first one! And off I go. In a little while, that is. But first, to tend to personal hygiene.

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