Friday, August 4, 2006


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I was remiss yesterday in mentioning the dream.... the MOG, being a mystic, of course dreamed of this house. So here you go.

Aw heck... I have to try to remember it as the MOG is AWOL.

I am skipping way too many details. Will have to find said MOG and get transcript.

In a minute, we will be leaving to drive to 1960 and sign a lease. Exciting stuff.

It's weird because I remember all those years of being 19 and such, and looking about 16. And we would go to apply for jobs, or rent apartments, or buy cars, or be youth pastors at Discovery Camp... and wear super dressy clothes and try our darndest to look legit. LOL, for real. We'd clean up to look maybe 18. Everything we did, we had to convince people we weren't out for a spin in Daddy's car.

We don't have to do that anymore. Curious.

On another note, since we are going to be on 1960, I think we should go by Half-Price Books. Just makes sense. Well, some people don't think so. I ask you, faithful bloggerati, take it to the Lord. Please petition the Lord on my behalf, to speak to "some people" and tell them I need some new books. Thanks.

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