Friday, September 1, 2006

Hello goodbye

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Well, this is it. Saying goodbye to Radiantville today... sheesh.
And hello to the Battleship.... woo-hoo!

Lots of nostalgia floating around the brain cavity... but I am too tired to process it.
Richy (the small one) rode a horse again yesterday. He was excited in the car and then did really well. He rode a smaller horse, and seemed to have better balance.

Last night Julie and Stephanie (the controversial one) came and packed the rest of everything... amazing.
Anyone who wants to help us move call our landline... Our cells don't work in the country. We only have one helper during the daytime... sounds like more this evening and maƱana...

No internet at the new place until Wednesday. Miss me, miss me, now you better not kiss me.

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