Thursday, September 21, 2006

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One of Toby's new things is playing in his brother's room... he gets dropped off in there by me, and immediately goes to the bass drum pedal. He then grabs the kick part with his hand, and in a kneeling position, plays the drum. This is good for literally minutes of entertainment. But, every time, he gets overconfident and ends up falling over. Which, between you and me, is not that big of a deal... no head bonking, just a nice soft faceplant in the carpet. BUT, every day, it is met with screams of rage and betrayal. It sounds like Jerry Springer in there. So, I come in and pick him up. And he cries and lunges for the drum. When I put him down he assumes the kneeling drummer position again, and again, and again. Very entertaining.

Last night we went to Old Navy. I told Richy if I have a girl, he's in trouble. I may have to spend everything he makes on all these little peasant shirts and flowered jeans and so on. Fo-rizzle.

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