Friday, September 29, 2006

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Well. Stubb's is a little heavier on the BAR than the b-cue.... but it was outdoors so it wasn't too bad...

Recap? Well, if you insist. We pulled into Austin around 5:30... checked into our hotel (you do get what you pay for, but at least it's clean). Fought over the remote... tv is a novelty. Then, off to the concert. Waited in line, yada yada...
So we are waiting, waiting... Daddy has Toby in the Bjorn and he goes to sleep. Nice. There was an opening act guy. Poor little guy. Kinda wussy, plus I always feel sorry for openers who aren't billed. People feel hostile about waiting when they don't expect an opener. So he plays, and then sound guys wander around in their band shirts and little ponytails and turn the lights on and off and check mikes and such. For a LONG time. I was thinking about contacting my Congressman... has to be some kind of torture. Toby wakes up, gets mad, has a bottle.
Finally, well after 9:00 Jonny Lang comes out. He was forgiven the second he opened his mouth. He OWNS the guitar. He was sweating by the end of the first song... he ripped it up. We were both just incredulous. We have heard about the wonderkid.... but my gosh. You can't understand until you see him do his thing.
Richy and I were just giddy looking at each other. It was amazing. He played for 2 hours or so, old songs, new songs... for the encore, an instrumental I Love You Lord....
He makes guitar faces, all kinds of faces... he is 100% in the music. Fun fun fun.

The later it got, the drunker everyone around us got and the cuter they thought Toby was.

Observation: there is something normal about a drunk 20-something. Not Good. But kinda normal. Drunk, dancing 20-somethings? Kinda expected. But drunk dancing 40-somethings? Not normal. Odd. Embarassing. Drunk 40 something women dancing alone?

Overall: everyone should see Jonny Lang live.

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