Friday, September 15, 2006

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Hi, You've reached Amerigroup, please listen carefully as *BOOP*.
If you are a provider, press *BOOP*
If you *BOOP*
Please wait as we transfer you to a customer representative. (Cheerful soundtrack with woman talking. Have you heard about our Baby and Me program? Your call is important to us... blah blah blah)
This is Ingrid/Carmen/Dolores/etc. Can I get your member number?
Me: I don't have a member number. That's why I am calling.
Name? Address? (I have a new address, please enter the new address every time I call for 2 weeks and never hit save so I have to update it the next time I call)
Phone number? (ditto)
Oh, you've been terminated. In March.
me: That was a different pregnancy. I have a new account.
Oh, well, I don't see anything here. Let me look.
(here's where it varies) No, you aren't in here at all. Sorry./ Oh, here you are. Sure, you've been re-enrolled. It's all good. Card's in the mail./ No, you were terminated in March./ Oh, well, you will have to re-enroll. No, I can't do that here. You will have to call the other number and it's getting pretty late. Maybe tomorrow. / Huh. I don't see you in here. Terminated in March?/ Yeah, you will have to re-enroll and that probably takes like 4 or 5 weeks. Sorry. / Well, the system shows you were re-enrolled back on September 1st. You haven't gotten a card yet? Hmm. Yep. Here you are.
(finally today for the love of God)
I will send you another card. 7-14 days.

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