Thursday, September 28, 2006


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You know, when you move to a new pad... you have to find your grocery store. I am so stinking close to the 242 Walmart.... but man... I just don't like it.

You know who has a good format? Kroger. Just straight aisles all the way front to back, and the organization usually makes sense... mostly food, then not food. But stinky produce. I never like their wimpy little produce.

HEB is my favorite, for stuff. It used to be the ghetto, so I never went there unless it was my only option. But they have upped the ante, and most HEBs are super nice now. The problem? WACK store design. It's like an obstacle course. You have to go in at produce (or the other side), and then curve around curve again JUST to get to the main store.... then there's the massive middle deli thing - basically you have to hike the whole entire store just to get back around to the cash register. Very inconvenient... maybe it makes people buy more? And then the checkout lanes are pretty tight. Not like good tight. Like a little squeezy. BUT great produce, and pretty good organization, like yeah, that's where the cleaning supplies should be and so on.

But this 242 walmart is a pain. Spotty wimpy produce, although the fruit is pretty good... but I can't find anything! Yesterday me and the boys just went up and down every grocery aisle to get acquainted.... still seems wacky. I looked everywhere for popcorn. Oh, yeah, it's back in the beverage department. Well. Of course it is. And then, next to grocery, is the kids clothes? And then shoes? And then crafts? And way way over by the front off to the side near the pharmacy is the office supplies. But in front of that the greeting cards, and cosmetics. Of course. And a few clearance lanes. Oh, and a candy aisle, next to housewares. Are you confused yet?

The dilemma is, do I give in and just go back to HEB, approximately 12 miles away.... or just suck it up because at least Walmart has clear paths to the cash registers????

In other news, I shall be leaving in a few hours to go to Austin... Toby's first concert. Well, except for Radiant. Jonny is playing at Stubb's... which is a barbecue restaurant. And the tickets say outdoors... nice. 57 degrees is the low tonight in our great capital. VERY exciting.
Oh, and my appointment was good. Non-eventful. How many babies have you had, any diabetes, are you taking prenatals, no sushi, etc. Yawn. I could have given that speech.
I was pregnant in December of 2003
through June of 2004.
May of 2005 through December 2005
Now, August 2006 through 2007... hopefully April.
I know how to be pregnant.
Oh, and Cletus? Now the size of a large lime.

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