Monday, September 25, 2006

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Feeling much more human today.... sheesh. I have not been that sick in a LONG time. What misery.
And what mommy would find a salty snotty baby kiss gross? Even in my weakened condition that sounded like a good thing. I guess that makes me a bona-fide mom.

Saturday, I took Richy to basketball. A very aggressive little kid knocked him down once. He didn't even cry. He was kinda concerned about it, but then he just went back to practicing his dribbling. That's an athlete. He also got his picture taken, for a trading card. Quite cute. I mean tough.

Currently, I am debating getting out of bed and getting ready for a busy day of running around. But I don't wannnnnaaaaaa....
Toby is sporting a pajama cape, as I never put his feet back in after his diaper change. He is currently lurking around my left leg, ocassionally taking a little bite while trying to get this laptop. Richy is kneeling on the floor by my right leg, clearing his throat over and over ( his morning routine) and randomly pointing toward the stairs where he hopes some Apple Zings and Milk are coming right up.

Whine. I don't wannnnnnnna..........

Okay, see y'all.

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