Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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Babies have it good with the whole whining thing. Imagine if we, as adults, just sat on the floor and kept up a steady moan... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and so forth. Would someone come rushing to our aid with mashed up veggies and toys and so on? HECK NO. Nada. Zip.
But oh the whining.... it hits this central nerve right in between my ears. It sends a sharp spike of pain through my brain matter and then travels through my nervous system. And I am a slave to its bidding.

In other news, no news. Have yet to receive my insurance... I have given up and am waiting semi-patiently 7-14 days for it to arrive. Morning sickness is lifting, nice. No weight gain yet, although I am getting a little poochy. Toby is getting a bottle of formula at night, and basically sleeping through... he wakes up once but goes back to sleep. He is also eating table food now, which is quite entertaining to me...

How do I feel? Well, grumpy right now. I need breakfast.

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