Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years

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Can you believe it has been 5 years since 9/11?
I was homeschooling Mercedes through first grade... we were just kinda waking up and starting the day when Rob called and told us to turn on the TV. And of course, at first we just thought it was a crazy accident. Until we saw the plane hit the second tower. What an insane day. And life in America has changed as a result.

In other news, I am still sick. My mail was not forwarded, so I don't have my insurance card, so I can't make a doctor's appointment. I am learning patience. At least I'm not throwing up. I am just energy zapped nauseated until I can't move laying around kinda morning (ha) sickness. And this is pretty close to what all my pregnancies have been, not quite as strong as my sickness with the twins.
I am also an emotional basketcase. But overall, doing ok.

Monday Morning Mommy Meeting today... I shall drag my carcass to the church.

Also, make sure you rinse your sheets. I thought mine would be okay when my washer broke during the rinse cycle, and now I look like a leper. Well, only more like a leper with chicken pox. But I figured it out last night and changed the sheets so hopefully the rash will disappear.

I heard Mike shook it up yesterday with his message. Awesome. We'll have to get a copy.

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