Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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Typical. Awake at 7 this morning, because, you know. I have to be somewhere at 10. This infernal brain.

I summoned Georgia, did you see? It worked!

Toby is getting at least one tooth on top. Ouch. He has been a little high maintenance... But hey, if I was cutting teeth I would be demanding, too.
On the agenda today: shower
peanut butter toast
Appointment... just an interview... wish I was getting my ultrasound today.
Pre lunch snack
Then: who knows?

BUT TOMORROW>... road trip! Off to Austin to see the great Jonny Lang! VERY fun... Hope Toby likes the blues. Although, since Jonny got saved, he ain't so blue. But I hope there's a little blues up in there ... at least maybe his guitar is still just a little sad.

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