Tuesday, May 2, 2006

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San Antone....
I love that city.... I know it's all engineered but it is just so
pretty. I have been to the Alamo a jillion times, and I still just
want to stop and read every little thing and soak it all in.... and
go to the Riverwalk and ride the boat and just be there...
We went to SA for our honeymoon, and our first anniversary, and a
couple more times for vacation. And then Richy had seen it all.
Oh, but I love it.

Friday night the band set up in an open style revival tent. Leah and
I went to the hotel with the small fry and relaxed and then came back
for the service. I don't know--- maybe 150 people?? The first night
was different, because there was a core group of like 10 people that
were really locked in and worshipping and such, and the rest just
watched. It was good, though. For dinner, the church ladies made
lasagna... we used to get pizza 5 times out of 10, now it's lasagna.
But it's tasty and it feeds a lot of people etc etc.
Saturday night I liked better. We had Mexican food. Just kidding,
about the service. I think there were more people there, and
definitely more people engaged in what was happening. Lots of
dancing... and really great spontaneous worship and intercession from
the band. I hope we get the video. And then Mexican food...
mmmmmmmmmm (oh, Richy preached both nights but Leah and I and the
squirts were off to the nursery)
Sunday marnin we made like heathens and went to the Riverwalk with
the Radiants. We walked and walked... saw the nickel tour of the
Alamo (Richy's speeding bullet version) and then walked some more.
Funny story here... Leah's daughter Anila is almost 3.
Nini is scared of the big animatronic gorillas at the Rainforest
Cafe. So we walked past and she got scared and started saying she
didn't want to go in there, didn't want to see the monkeys and so
forth. Leah was reassuring her that they were the only monkeys. Nini
is anxiously scanning all the trees overhead, looking for monkeys.
Finally, we convince her that there are NO more monkeys. Only in that
restaraunt waaaayyy back there and we are safe. Then a man in a
gorilla suit walks by. L O L
But Leah was able to convince her pretty quickly that that was a
silly man in a monkey costume and soon Nini was yukking it up with
the rest of us.
Lunch on the Riverwalk with the Radiants... fun memory to have.
And then more ministry Sunday night. But I'm tired of typing. I'll
tell you about it later or tomorrow.

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