Saturday, May 27, 2006

shoes on the roadside

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this topic has been discussed, I am sure. Probably hashed over by
comedians and so forth. Still, it interests me and this is MY blog.
So there you go.

today, as I was driving home on 336, I saw a ladies high heel on the
side of the road. Why? Tell me this. Have you ever thrown a shoe out
the window? Because if this is some kind of rite of passage, nobody
told me. I have never done it...
Now, one time I came close. As we were hurtling down the freeway in
the radiantmobile, I was busy tormenting Hannah (which passes the
hours nicely). Han is tougher than me, but she is nice. Every now and
then she would start to hurt me and as soon as I started whimpering,
she'd let up. Ha. Anyhoo, one of the torments I considered was
throwing Han's flipflop out the window into the wild blue yonder. But
I decided that was across the line over into Meanland.

But here's the deal. There are always shoes on the shoulder. Usually
one male tennis shoe type shoe. On the feeder past 1960, there has
been a pair of boots hanging on the electric wires for years. Now
that is more deliberate. But most of the time it is just a solitary
zapato eating dirt.
I have this picture of people just merrily tossing shoes out the
window. Is that what happens? Or are they hanging their feet out the
window and the wind just sucks the shoe right off?
You have to admit, folks. It's a FASCINATING subject.

*my sole topic for the day

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