Tuesday, May 23, 2006

to plan not to plan

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Yesterday we went around everywhere getting the van ready for Richy
to drive it to Tennessee. (what did Tenne see boys, what did Tenne see?)
We got a few miles into our journey when the ac quit cooling. BLEH.
So finally, me and Toby, or Toby and I if you prefer, got dropped off
at the library.
What is this instinctive thing in babies that says... "Quiet place...
needs some screaming." Toby screamed his head off all through the
library. I got dirty looks... and Toby hardly ever gets dissed like
that. Finally I got him in the bathroom where his screams echoed off
the walls like some kind of torture chamber. Sheesh. Finally he fell
asleep and I took him around in the Snugli. Obtained 2 or 3 new
books, a recycled Gilbert Morris series, and the works of Jane Austen
(to compare to the movies).... and a very obscure CS Lewis book
called Till We Have Faces. Very exciting.

When we finally got home and settled, R1 went out on the porch and
found a snake. ON THE PORCH. It appeared to be a copperhead, so we
called our resident snake authority (pablo) and he came and assessed
the situation. It was a chicken snake. In our defense, he showed us a
picture of a copperhead and it looked VERY similar.
Sometimes I am not lovin the country.

Today: no plan. Glorious.

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