Monday, May 8, 2006

typing with baby kicking keyboard

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who knows what might happen?
Last night was our spontaneous forgotten pre-planned, canceled and re-
requested college ish age homegroup.
It was awesome... Brownies, fun people, and Jesus. Doesn't get much
better than that.
We talked about a 21 day fast... I'm sure you will all be invited to
it, in a week or two.

Richy's plan, as of last night (haven't talked to him yet today) was
to go up to MoCo today and try to get this thing resolved. Pray for
favor and open doors.... the enemy is opposing us on this thing.

And if you love the Monday night meetings, come get your fix cause
there's only a couple left....

In other news, American Idol will be singing Elvis this week. My
grandma would have been so happy.
Of course, if the King of R&R made it to heaven (I hope he did), then
Mammaw can probably hear the real thing.

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