Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Guys day

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the topic of the day: books

My dad used to go to the library and come home with stacks of
books.... a half dozen glossy ones with things like airplanes and
eagles and American flags... Tom Clancy-esque, and a couple comics...
maybe Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Far Side, and then some
randomness... fascinating tomes like How to Build a Geodesic Dome and
Guns of World War II, or How to make toys out of Trash.... and he
would read them in his big chair while noisily crunching apples.
I get 15 or 20 novels, usually with pioneer looking women and various
scenes in the background... or neon chick-lit with cartoonish women
and cups of coffee and such.
Which I read curled up somewhere with various snacks....

Question- what do you guys read? Where? Do you like funny stuff or
blow-ups and gunfights?? Do you even READ love scenes? My MOG carries
around imposing books of sermons and tries to read little clips of
Finney and such to me, but I run away. And he reads magazines about
studios and musical equipment. I will be right at the part where she
is about to tell the Tory soldier that she is a patriot in disguise,
in a rainstorm after she was shot, and Richy will pipe up- "Hey, you
won't believe this. I have been compressing my mix with the Presonus
23468 and all this time I could have just modulated the equalizer!
Silly me!" or something....

This afternoon I will be going to beaumont with the fam as Richy is
preaching at a youth group there. So if I have an internet connection
in the morning, I will post a blog. Otherwise, it will be later

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