Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Guys day

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Mornin, all.
Yesterday I went out by myself for the second time... Richy kept R2
and Toby. I'm on a pretty short leash because Toby won't take a
bottle. But I had 2 glorious hours of aloneness. I went to Cinco De
Mayo and ate. Just ate and ate. It's weird how used you get to
gobbling your food while bouncing a baby on one leg.
I also went to the library. Then I received a very sad phone call
from Toby and came home.
It was great, and then I was so happy to see my boys again.
I remember being a kid, and being by myself a lot. Everybody in the
family was older... then I got popular at school and started to like
being the party.
Then I grew up and got tired of being the party.
Then a lot of sad things happened and I needed to be alone.
Now I am happy and I am never alone... but I still crave solitude
sometimes. So yesterday was a blessing.

Today is guys day.. a guy will choose the topics and womenfolk will
wait until noon to argue. = )
And the first topic will be chosen by.... Naytron

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