Thursday, December 8, 2005

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It's 10:23pm Thursday, Jess is looking good. She has had very few contractions in the last few hours. And is in good spirits! We are very hopeful about the shower saturday.
I however had a hard time. I locked R2 in the car at McDonalds, with the car running. The humorous part was that I could not get him to open the lock, many strangers came by with a fresh additude of convincing him that he could open the lock. (as people have always been, in dealing with his special needs) I also locked my cell phone in the car, which has roadside assitance. As you know, it is freezing out side, and I was not dressed for it. (flip flops and swim shorts,.... not really, I would just would have prefered a few more layers of clothing) I had to ask someone to borrow their cell phone. After about 15 min I was able to get a hold of Jessica who sent her mom, and a lock smith toward me. After about 30 min, I figured they must have the wrong McDonalds. I strongly convinced a McDonalds employee that I needed to use HIS cell phone, and not the pay phone which was on the other side of the store, because my kid was locked the car without the heat on, (I turned out to be a good temperature inside the case you're worried) I then called Linda, and sure enough they were at the wrong McDonalds! About this time, all my stranger "helper" people left, knowing I was going to get help. I then knelt on the pavement facing r2, it was then that he starting crying very sad. I hated not being able to do anything for him. Finally, Linda, and then the locksmith guy showed up, and got the car open. It was not cold at all inside the car. And R2 was feeling better, and laughing when I showed him how to open the lock. (He did it twice on his own, once I was in the car) When I got to the hospital here, I suddenly felt a huge emotional weight. (Girls will like this conversation) I've had to cry, and had to write about it. I didn't think it was a big deal, besides the fact that I have no meat between my skin and bones, so I got very very cold. But it was really all the feelings of being unable to help r2 through all of his struggles. Seeing my twins struggle and not able to help them, and now in this scenerio with Tobias. Ultimatley I understand we cannot claim control over anything, for "By Him all things are held together, and by Him all things consist:" However, sometimes I find my self wanting so bad to protect my children. May our hope remain in the Lord who holds all things together. Thank you all for your prayers and love. We all need people.


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