Saturday, December 3, 2005

Obligatory weekend blog entry

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Don't get me wrong. My weekends have no distinction from my weeks.
Thus, I could write a thoughtful and engaging blog entry today. But the
response is so minimal... usually just animal-type creatures
threatening each other....
For you- the weekend means you're off work- or your spouse is- time to
crush them into some hard labor around the house or go gallivanting
For me- scrounge for some breakfast and go back to bed. Try not to
watch People's Court.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I am cooking a wonderful baby and I
can do so for a couple more months if necessary. It's just that the
pattern doesn't change much on the "weekend".
Today, Richy is recording. I may waddle over there and listen to drums
being tweaked for hours... or some other minute detail of a
Aah a horrible foul poopy diaper just walked by. See you later.

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