Monday, December 26, 2005

34 weeks! PARTYTOBYGANZA 2005!

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34 weeks!

  • Your baby acts completely like a newborn, with his eyes opened when awake and closed when sleeping. You may also find him settling into more of a routine for sleeping & awake times.
  • He has learned to blink. He can also see more clearly when there is a bright light on your stomach and probably has the outline of all your organs memorized!
  • Antibodies from your blood are being tranferred to him. These immunities continue to build until birth. Then breastmilk will add even more protection against disease.
  • Your baby may have already turned to a head-down position in preparation for birth. If he is your first baby, he may be settling into the pelvis with his head pressing against your cervix.
  • Fingernails have reached the end of the fingertips now. He may scratch her face even before she is born!
  • Your little one's length is 17.7 inches (45cm) and weight is 4.7 pounds (2146 g).

    Now, again... we know that Toby is bigger than this!! Today's the day I quit bedresting! Hooray! (I already snuck out and saw Narnia on Friday..... hee hee hee)
    So I don't know what I'll do. I've never been at the part where it's ok to go into labor before... a little nervous about what do I do now....
    But I'm very excited! YAY 34 weeks!
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