Monday, December 12, 2005


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32 weeks is a huge milestone. From here on out, Toby basically just gains weight. Everybody up here at the hospital is relieved to be here.... in 2 weeks they would probably not stop labor if it started again.
I am feeling very hopeful. If I delivered him today, any complications or delays would be unlikely. However, he would have to stay here at the hospital until he got big enough to come home. So we're contending for a post-Christmas baby.

Week Thirty-Two

  • Your baby is up to 3.75 pounds (1702gm) now and is 16.7 inches (42.4cm) long.
  • You might notice he's not moving around as much now. Don't worry! He is fine -- just running short on room. He still has plenty of growing to do though, believe it or not!
  • All five senses are working. Your little one is fascinated and practicing testing these out as much as possible!
  • Toenails are completely formed
  • Hair on your infant's head continues to grow in.
  • Brain scans have shown that babies have periods of dream sleep (REM) starting around the eight month. What do you suppose your son is dreaming about?

    Thanks everyone for praying. Please continue to pray for us- we need patience and peace as we wait for this blessing.
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