Sunday, December 11, 2005

Jailbreak and reconfinement

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Last night when we got back to the hospital .... we got sent home.
There was some wackiness about insurance re-admitting us and blah blah
So rather than risk the hospital billing us directly, Dr Reed told us
to just go home and call her this morning. This was very happy because
I got to look at all my beautiful baby presents and read your cards.
I had a rough evening, drugged myself to sleep and have felt pretty
good today but still having sporadic contractions and feeling like Toby
may be lower...
So Dr R is readmitting us to watch me. I feel like I will probably stay
for the duration.
I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow.... that's kind of a magic number for

so we had one night in our sweet little house... it was a nice break.
Will update as events warrant. Unless they drug me severely. Then Richy
will update.

much much love and appreciation for everyone.

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