Tuesday, December 6, 2005

rambling with bad breath

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My doctor's appointment is tomorrow... so I will be here today. I am
currently waiting for the nurse to come and give me my shot. She was
supposed to come yesterday, but I went to McDonald's instead. So there
you go.

I want to get our pictures taken... you know, like in a studio. I was
thinking Picture People but some people have said Sears is better and
so forth....
I want multiple poses so that gets confusing...
these are the thoughts in the mind of Morning Jessica
what will I eat for breakfast since Richy did not shop?
what will I drink since tap water is poison and all we have is tea??
(I've had tea this morning and now have sugary-fungus mouth)
what time is the nurse coming? Should I get up and shower?
how can I get some donuts from Starbox?
and so forth....


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