Monday, December 1, 2008

Staying in Kansas City

So, by now you may have heard the rumor that the Clarks are staying in Kansas City. Not a rumor, folks... it's da troof.

What is this? you may be crying, as you rend your garments. Cut that out. Nobody wants to see in your rended garments. I'll splain.

Originally when we came to KC, we planned for a year, although most of our family types said yeah right and we would never come back and such. One family member strongly suggested we stay gone. Something about the door, and a butt... I don't remember the exact turn of phrase.

When we left, and all along, we have known that our time might be extended... that wacky God and his shenanigans.

So we've been deciding whether to come back to Texas in 2009 or stay in KC... and through a series of prophetic happenings, as well as open doors for both of us to "do stuff" here, we decided to stay. This time, we feel a little wary of saying when we'll be back. Could be a year, or I could have grandkids in Missouri. We're calling it "indefinitely".

The thing is, our families and half of our band is (are?) in Texas. So we'll be around quite a bit. Plus, we are not so intimidated by a 12 hour drive... wusses.

So you'll still see me, especially if you hang around Mexican restaurants at the holidays.

We're excited about the things we're going to be doing, being involved with the Call, and adoption, and helping set up a special needs ministry... lots going on!

Plus, it's snowing. I'm bout to bust out the Christmas spirit with a vengeance. Stay tuned.


  1. If my friends move up there and leave me stranded, friend-less in this humidity...I will personally come up there and give you a stern talkin to...

  2. Yay! You get to have a White Christmas! =)

    And yay for staying in KC with us!!!

  3. Yesss!! That's great news for Joshua and I!!!

  4. Well, i must say that i had already heard it thru the grapevine. i already done
    rended my garments.


    oh well, at least we can blog!


    i didnt' get to see yous alls when you were here....but maybe at christmas?


  5. napalm
    you are NOT friendless,
    let us practice more truthful

  6. My official statement is something like...

    I have so enjoyed my childhood and family and all.. (and will continue to see my beloved family peeps regularly)

    I have grown much through MCF the last 16 years or so and have been honored to serve with you all!

    Jess and I are here because we strongly believe this is His will for our lives, plus we REALLY LIKE IT!!! ... so that helps.

    We hope to be those who are of much effect for His kingdom!

    Thank god (and Al Gore) for the internet to keep in touch. (Sometimes more than you would in real life..) Loves - Richy

  7. Yes, we will be home for Christmas... if only in our dreams...

    no, but seriously. We will be in Conroe for a week or so prior to the big C-mas!

  8. I am glad you are going to stay. I was regretting that you guys were going back to Texas without us getting a chance to know each other. Maybe now we can schedule some hang out time? I'll bring my little one over to your place, and do dishes, or fold laundry for you, and we can chat? If it's a good day, I might even be able to provide cookies?

  9. o.k. well i could pitch a fit n sit in sackcloth n ashes! but i am learning., as should we all, that EVRYTHING is not ALWAYS about "ME" soo if you guys feel that God is callin you to stay in Kansas, then i say more power to ya! And.. after all, it's kansas not australia!You gotta be obedient to what God has called you to.HOWEVER! I best get a chance to see you wen you come for Christmas!!or else!!!....Terri

  10. And one more thing! gotta say I'm a tad jealous that ya'll are gettin an "early" white Christmas! I was just tellin my granddaughter today how I'd love a white Christmas! Make sure you bundle those babies up warm when you take them out!!(See! I can still be a nagging momma type all the way from Texas!!LOL!

  11. Go out? Who's going out? I just look out the window...

  12. Like I care where you live, as long as it isn't Seattle!!

  13. HA HA,

    no for real... I'm glad you are feeling the Father's leading in your lives.

    However, I did have a dream that you will be moving to Seattle in two years. What do you think it means?

  14. HA HA.

    ok that was a joke.

    Glad you're where you should be. Glad we have the internet.

  15. OK..just to clear up my boo-hoo...I was KIDDING! :)

  16. Hey I'M from Seattle! Why the hatin'?!

  17. i need to sit down and read your comments....just checkin in and saying hi! josharoo...that google thing sounds good to me.....let me know how it comes! you would be great at something like that. could you telecommute there or would you have to go to san jose?
    i used to live two cities from there! in los altos. beautiful beautiful beautiful. except my classroom at the time sat RIGHT on the San Adreas Faultline!


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