Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm thinking today about babies. Most of you know we have fought hard for the three we have living, as well as the two in heaven. We had Richy at 24 weeks, and then took a couple of years off, till we felt God moving our hearts to change our perspective and expand our hearts as well as our territory...  We realized that we had bought into the mindset that kids are a burden and a "choice", even though abortion was the furthest thing from our minds.

After losing the twins, you'd think that would have burned us out... but it just made us more heart-hungry for children. I read up on the quiverfull movement, and it stirred my heart. I don't agree, necessarily, with everything they eschew, but a heart attitude of acceptance and welcoming towards children. 

In fact, I remember feeling desperate and heartbroken at the thought that I might never have another baby. We started exploring adoption, and I found my heart totally rocked by Steven Curtis Chapman's music video. Of course, it's deeper just that, but i became blown away by Gods love for orphans. I studied options for a while, and it became something that we wanted to do, but first we wanted to try pregnancy again... so after 4 months of bedrest, we got Toby, and then very soon afterwards, 3 months of bedrest and Brynn. 

Now, I'm in a position where my womb is a dangerous place for children, but my heart is still wide open. I am learning this... how to have a quiverfull heart with a broken womb. 


  1. mmmm...deep and beautiful

    i was looking at the qf website. i like a lot of what they have to say.

    it's exciting to wonder what God will do in your life next and whom He is going to add to your quiver

  2. sorry to see you guys go so soon.
    someone told me you signed up another year in KC?

    ?verdad o no verdad?

  3. KatWoman..........not a year..... Indefinantly

  4. I sure hope having babies is a choice! I know lots of people who are physically able to have babies, but I sure HOPE choose not to! and YES I'm pro-life, so I'm not talking abortion.

  5. I'm talking about a heart attitude. We as a culture view children as a burden. I just wonder what God thinks about birth control... it's something I've been processing for years.

  6. I want to know what God thinks of Birth Control, too.
    I used to think it was simple. These days I know it's not.


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