Monday, November 10, 2008

Mas excellente radiante

My deepest apologies to all the Smartypants fans who are waiting... the MOG and crew came home a day early and festivities commenced. Most of the Radiants are now en route back to Tejas, and I blog.
The good news is, you have one more day to submit your burning questions for Smartypants, since I will be hosting Episode 2 of the Radiant Podcast today.
The bad news is, no Smartypants column today. Ah, quit yer whining....


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    the new superfood of champions


  2. We watched this yesterday and my stomach was turning when they were drinking the apple cider vinegar. I'll take the stuffy nose.

  3. I once drank Apple Cider Vinegar as a diet ploy ~ I think I took a tablespoon every morning for about twoish weeks!! Talk abour AWEFUL!! And to add insult to injury ~ I didn't lose any weight!!!

    However, if it clears up sinuses ~ I might go for it right about now ~ been having sinus headaches every day for two weeks!!! UGH!!! Did it help???

  4. If things keep going how they are, we'll be holding a baby girl by the end of today! Joy!


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