Friday, November 7, 2008

Smartypants brings it home


I am back from my jaunt to the West Coast, and I can't get enough of this baby girl.... what a sweetie... I love all my kids, no worries. But Bean is just still so roly-poly (for us, anyway) and baby-ish and I don't want to put her down. 

Spent the day in the airport yesterday, reading and eating. Pretty good times, actually.

I have pages to update on various ministry stops, but first for my own amusement, let's have a round of Smartypants!

Ms. Smartypants is your semi-annual semi-helpful advice guru! Submit your questions, of a general and/or amusing nature. Touring, etiquette, politics, cooking, technology? You name it, and we might google it. MSP will answer none, one, or all of your questions! Inquiries can be posted today through Sunday night, or even Monday morning if el bloggo runs late! Ready, set, go!

Oh, and if you're all, "What meanest thou this, Smartypants?" then here are some archives to give you an idea...


  1. Dear Smarty- Pants

    What does a mother do when one of her daughters does the chicken dance on I10 in front of her adoring fans?

  2. No baby yet... No signs of being today. = (

  3. Deat Ms. Smartypants,

    How can I become famous and get my own advice column like you?

    Jealous Joshua

  4. o.k smarty

    how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?


    how can you be so sure your advice is good advice? would you feel bad if someone took your advice and then it led to bad places? maybe jealous josh isn't equipped with your level of wisdom. what if he gets in the business and something horrible happens?

  5. Smartypants,

    Why did I just squah a bug on my monitor when I knew it would nasty bug guts get all over the monitor?

  6. Neighbors selling house. Who wants to be our new neighbors? Check out pics of yard. HUGE back yard. check it out.

  7. Hey Ms Smarty-Pants,

    I have new mommy questions for you!! I'm sure you will be able to help me!!

    How does a nursing mother NOT get covered with milk in the middle of the night when the baby is sleeping for hours on end??? Why does a baby fight going to sleep?? How does a baby make the butt-sneeze noise??

    HELP ME!!
    Soaked and sleepless

  8. Is there a new Peterson yet?

    By the way Matt's dad is here. His real dad who he has never met before. He just got here today. Very exciting. Matt and him are both very nervous. But they seem to be doing pretty well.

  9. Wow. I always thought Ralph was Matt's dad!

  10. Nope Ralph married Teresa when she was pregnant with Matt so she gave Matt Ralph's last name. His dad is from California. Mike Mckee. His dad is Irish. Teresa is half Russian-Jew and half Columbian. Interesting mix Matt ended up with.

  11. YES! Smartypants is back!

    OK, what do you do if you secretly think your husband loves the nfl more than you?-G

    2. What makes car mechanics so much different than the rest of society?

  12. No new Peterson yet. Nothing to make us think it will be tonight either. I'm cooking dinner and wondering if she will have some hair or be pretty much bald like Keith. When oh when will she come?

    Jenn- Very cool that Matt's dad is there. I also thought Ralph was his father.

  13. Hey G I hate to break the news to you but I am sure that on Sundays and Mondays Mike does love the NFL more. But hey at least it is only 2 days a week. So cheer up you get the other 5 days!


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