Friday, November 14, 2008

Year in review: Pee Chronicles

I just went back and read some archives from my old blog. Dang, that's good stuff. I think I must be funnier when sleep deprived.
That's it. All this sleeping through the night is making me dull! Time for a new baby!!


As I was reading the archives, I discovered that last year at this time, I was potty-training Toby and looking for a house in another state.
Now contrast that to this year, when I am potty-training Toby and looking for a house in another state.

This second round of PT started a week or so ago. We have progressed to the point where, if I ask him every so often to go pee on the potty, he doesn't have any accidents. But so far, no initiative when not prompted. He just pees in his undies and then gripes about it.

The thing is, he is so stinking smart. I know he gets the whole concept. It's just that he gets fixated on whatever he's doing and ignores outside stimuli. This is a characteristic that he did not get from my side of the family, that's all I'm sayin.

Still, cleaning up one or two accidents a day might be better than all the diapers. See, here's the thing. Because of his brain damage, R2 is also not potty-trained. So that's 9 and a half years of diapers, if anyone is counting. I know I am. I also count the 70 diapers or so we use in a week.

So the reality of eventually, any of these kids being toilet-trained is foreign, and yet so appealing. May it be so, and soon.


  1. well at least he's griping. That's a good sign. That means he may be moving toward doing something if something else doesn't get his attention. Definitely not maternal genes, if you git my drift. Mama

  2. Should be fun stuff!!

    Looking for a house in Tejas again is exciting!!!!

    Happy night!!

  3. Goodness Mere, what have you been feeding that baby! She looks 3 times as big as the last time I saw here. Guess it has been a while. She is very cute!

  4. Super cute, Mere!-G


  6. yes, I deliberately avoid poo stories...


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