Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More about staying in KC


Okay, so I'm staying in Kansas City. One of the reasons I'm pretty flip about it is... we have been agonizing and planning and praying for months now about the next step. And, if you've ever been in the middle of transition, you know how miserable that is. So, deciding to stay- even though it includes loss- is a relief!

Do I think we will come back to Texas eventually? Yes! Of course! I just know that we have to quit putting time limits on what God has for us to do.

But for now- however long now is- I'm going to quit being in transition and plug in.

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that Jessica Pre-Twins was drastically different than Jessica Post-Twins. I kinda feel like I'm getting me back.

I am waking up. Those who have been under the blanket of grief understand what I mean. I am enjoying life. I am laughing SO much... my heart is awake and I am ready to love God and love people again. And this city, this place of prayer has been so healing to me. I hardly ever even go to the "Prayer Room", but just being here in this community has brought me so much peace.

As to what did I mean when I said we were getting a chance to "do stuff" here? Well, there are some practical ways we are going to be helping the Call and IHOP... and we're still figuring out exactly what those jobs will entail. I will always keep you, the bloggerati, informed.

I know some people in Texas are disappointed, and there is no worse feeling for me than knowing people are unhappy because of something I've done. The thing is, we are solidly in God's will right now. Exactly where we are supposed to be. So it is bittersweet, knowing that I am leaving home... but so rich to jump into destiny.


  1. Terri R. (a.k.a. harvester)December 2, 2008 at 1:01 PM

    o.k. at the risk of sounding like "POLLYANNA" lets look at something to be "thankful" for about you guys stayin in Kansas!
    1.You are fulfilling what you believe to be Gods' will n purpose is for you right now.
    2. you are learning to walk in obedience to Gods' will for you, regardless the cost! awesome!
    3. You are getting to be involved with an amazing ministry of prayer that could change the coarse of history!
    4. You are close enough to still visit on all the major holidays!
    5. communication is def. no problem thanks to the internet!
    6.God has plans & purposes for you guys that go TOTALLY BEYOND your scope of imagination! need I go on?
    I am very proud of you guys for the step of faith (through obedience) that you are taking!I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH N I'LL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!

  2. 7. You are eating all our steak and ruining our lives.

  3. 8. we'll see photos of your children playing in snow

  4. 9. you will never have to worry about MIL doing the "pop in"

  5. I moved here in June, and I totally know what you mean about being so out-of-this-world blessed by the community and just being here...

  6. its amazing how wonderful our Daddy God is!!! Glad you are waking up!!

    Stay where He has you ~ and play in the snow some for me (jere swears he won't move to cold climate unless he gets 3 dreams, a vision, and hears the AUDIBLE VOICE of God)


  8. maybe r should change name of band while livin in kc to........(drumroll)..........

    kc n sonshine band

    maybe not

  9. Okay, Mere, I'll be praying for Jere to have those~~
    so you can move HERE! : ) haha

  10. Jere would like a cooler climate.... and I'll see to it!

  11. Girl - I get it. I was just sharing with someone that I feel like a whole new layer of fog is lifting. Amazing what God can do when he takes you out of your comfort zone, eh?


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