Friday, December 5, 2008


6 pm
We're home now, and Richy is acting pretty normal... a little emotional, but that's understandable. Thank you all for praying! There was great grace for us!!

1:45 pm

7:30 am

nice screenshot there. Thanks, Blogger.

I will be posting updates and such throughout the day. Currently we are waiting results from this morning's chest x-ray and doctors rounds.

I will actually do a little more story-recounting once we're out of here, so I'm working with more info.

Last night, I stayed with Richy till 10 or so, watching Toy Story and force-feeding him macaroni. When the movie was over I talked him into going to sleep. Then I headed on down the hall to the Ronald McDonald House, which is in the same building just a couple of halls away. Have you ever seen those donation boxes in front of the registers at McDonald's? Those are for places like the RM room that I stayed in last night.

We ate lunch in there yesterday. Normally, you have that whole my-kid-is-sick hospital suck, and in addition to that you have $10+ parking a day, and then an average of $7 per parent per meal in a hospital cafeteria... plus random other expenses that show up in a crisis. Nothing like gouging people in need.

But amazingly, we got to go over to the RM room and eat chicken breast and steamed veggies and such- for free! And then I got a sleeping room (like a mini hotel room) and use of the showers and so on... it is such a blessing to have a little respite spot during this kind of stuff. SO if you see one of those boxes, throw some change in there. I know I will be.


  1. Jess/Richy,

    Thinking about you and keeping ya'll in my prayers. Give R2 a big hug and kiss for us.

    I love ya'll dearly, honey. Hang in there and know that God will just keep pouring down the love and offering you His strength. :)


  2. RM was a great blessing to our family when our nephew Josiah was born and had to be life flighted to Atlanta. They even let us, extended family stay.


  3. Glad R2 is getting better ~ praying that ya'll get to go home today!!!

    Don't go to Mikey Dee's often but will drop in change when I go ~ thanks for telling us about that!!

    We love ya'll!!

  4. Cool about the RM house. Always wondered what it really was when I see the boxes. We may go to McD's once a year, but if we have some change will give it a throw.

    Very glad to hear the good report. Praying for quick release.

  5. So for those of you in need of a good laugh this morning read on.

    I put Trinity down for her morning nap and decided to take a shower. WHile I was in the shower I heard something, then looked up to see my shower curtain being slowly pulled back. My mind went racing. Matt was working, I am home alone, I forgot to lock the front door. OMG someone is opening the shower curtain. Life flashed in front of my face, a brief glimpse from the shower scene in Psycho. I grabbed my razor and thought ok I will cut his face and stab him in the eye. If he kills me how long before someone comes home and finds the baby crying in her crib. Seriously all this happened in about fifteen seconds. AND THEN....

    Colby my schnauzer decided to jump in the shower with me. Scared me half to death. He has never done that before and I guess he was feeling a little needy. Needless to say I was releaved he was not a serial killer.

  6. Wow Jennifer! What a fright.. no kidding a ton of thoughts in 15 seconds.

  7. We are done here and awaiting pickup... even so, come quickly, Daddy

  8. Jess -
    Dropped in again to see what's happening. So glad to hear that R2is going home. Yippee!
    Looking at your vids I was amazed at how much you look like your beautiful mom. I guess I never saw her that much in you before today. You're smokin' and so is your momma!


  9. Can anyone else see Kat's blog correctly?

    I've tried in IE8 and Safari and both format it really bad. Someone else try and let me know.

  10. I am so relieved that R2 is going home healthy and happy.

    This is really an amazing Jennifer story too. I can just see Colby jumping in the shower.-G

  11. i love the schnauzer/burglar story. i think we've all had similar scares. thankfully, they almost always end in happiness and giggles and nothing serious.

    also so glad r2 is home.....

  12. I'm always running that, what would i do if a pyco came in my house while i'm in the shower scene in my head!


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