Thursday, December 4, 2008

My day is booked

8:45 pm

5:10 pm
R2 is waking up a little bit after sleeping for a couple of hours. He's groggy and unhappy, I'm sure his throat hurts from having been intubated and he still has an IV... hard to get comfortable.
They are running some tests to see if he's sick, he has a little fever, which is probably what triggered the seizure. So we're staying tonight and then hopefully tomorrow we can go home.

2:13 pm
Never mind on that whole plan thing... we are now in the hospital with R2 after hada seizure at school. He actually seems to be worse off from the treatment than the seizure, so we're just waiting and trying to get them to extubate him and un-sedate him so we can see how he's doing.

10:30 am

On the agenda:
Repeat, ad infinitum


  1. i am so sorry. too much turkey i guess!

  2. jessimsosorryicantbelieveitmanwhatabummerhuh?

  3. for laughs, someone check out my leetle blog. i am just starting out...this is my attempt at social that we are all twitterfied,blogspotted.and trying to get hooked up on twitpic

    ok, back to baking.....

    love you jess!

  4. Guys...little Richy is having a seizure...please pray. No other details at this point.

  5. Praying for all you.

    Hate it when those drugs and treatments do him worse than the actual problem.

  6. r2 no longer intubated!! Sleeping, with a canula for o2. Running a fever, but looks good to me! Thanks for the prayer. It made a huge difference this round. We're still contending for total healing! Thank you all! - Richy

  7. r2 and mom staying the night. I will be with the wee ones and the 25year old. Continue pray covering. There running some tests. Thanks.. - Richy

  8. SO glad to see he is doing better! How are you doin, mom? Praying you both get good rest tonight...{hugs}

  9. ha ha those few word are precious!

    i don't feel sick any more! AKA.. GET ME THE HECK OUTA HERE!!!!!!!


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