Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If I were a drug dealer... dee dee dee dee..

The house search continues... the problem is, for the amount of space we need, we can really only afford a crackhouse. Living in a crackhouse might not be so bad if we didn't have kids.... Of course, if we didn't have kids, then we could live in a 1 bedroom. That would stink, though.We like our kids. And Daniel. So, what to do...

Well, we're thinking about buying a house. Now for most of you, you're like, "Well, DUH." A little harsh of you, I think. So what if we're 30 and 31! We've never bought a house before, and it is scary as heck. (As I was writing that, I realized that most of my side of the family have also never bought a house, in keeping with our gypsy roots) It's frightening to sign something that says, "Oh, sure, what the heck! I'll pay for this for the next 30 years!"

But man... there are some cool places for what we would be able to pay in rent. I asked the Realtor for a 17 bedroom... she laughed. Huh.

A safeguard in buying here is the jillions of people that are always looking for temporary housing at IHOP. If and when we came back to Texas, it would be easy to rent out.

In other news, we're having a party here tomorrow night. I will panic in a minute about how dirty everything is. But for now, I sit in blissful ignorance, in front of my beloved MacMini.


  1. You have the cutest kids! How are the adopted ones going to feel having to compete w/ the genetic genius already among you?
    Have fun tomorrow... I wish more New Englanders were tweeters.. I could copy the idea....

    ~ kerri

  2. If you decide to buy a home, make sure you find out if there are any housing restrictions for that neighborhood and what the annual fees are. Some HOAs (home owner associations)are very, very strict. You cannot sneeze without having it approved beforehand. So buyer beware.

    I should know, I work at the Community Assoc of The Woodlands. Shhhhh - don't let on. They will come to get me.

    Do research on your own about neighborhoods that you are interested in because realtors don't always know the facts. (Don't gasp!) Realtors are very helpful, but please, please check on these things before you take a realtors word for it.

    I could share some horror stories but won't - too time consuming.

    Just trust me.

    Sign me . . .


  3. Yay!! Party at your house tomorrow!!

  4. ah, yes, buyin a house.
    it's a wonderful thing.
    I bet there are lots of deals these days.
    it's the financing that is complicated and requires a lot of research to find a good loan.

  5. we just bought our first house too, and we're older than you. i also come from gypsy roots. we found a grossly low-priced owner financed home. that really helps with the paperwork. 6 pages instead of 60. i know God has a the perfect situation for you. i look forward to seeing what He does. =)

  6. jess,
    so.....that means you "were" going to buy a house, turned into you're not going to buy a house for the time being?

    does this mean all us moms in texas can breathe a sigh of relief that you might come back?

    not that we don't bless you in KC!
    just, now i am grieving the loss of hannah for 3 months. i don't know if i can take another one leaving.....

    what is the matter with me? it used to be me that was blithely waving "bye bye" to everybody while my parents silently wept and friends thought they would never see me again.

    i am getting used to you never replying to me.

    so, if you don't i don't care,.


    i know the feeling about a party in one day.....yikes! get your
    MOG and Danny boy to help you!
    at least tell them to take the kiddos to Mickey D's for the afternoon while you summon all that strength within and clean up!

    love you!

  7. terri bo berri is having a party for me in three days and i have so so so much to do!

    darling (i mean darling!) Tanner Mardis came over yesterday and he worked until he could work no longer. Now I will have labels!


    this all makes me wonder why the HECK i waited so long to ask for help!

    I am hoping that the packaging and presentation will get me into some high places......

  8. i love that scripture about the
    lizard you can grasp in your hands but he is in the king's palace.....

    ok. i am waxing poetic. and, as always, slightly to overly dramatic.

    i thinkest this is not the right venue...

    also, does anybody know if trEd is out of town?

  9. I know that God works in wonderful unusual ways....

    If you buy a home....He will give you the grace and peace you need to walk through it....

    Listening to HIM and being so flexible and willing to obey no matter what .....that is so exciting and fantastic....

    I love you guys and my mothers heart says....

    "MOVE BACK TO TEXAS NOW.......!"

    But God!

  10. Remember when comparing a house payment vs. rent payment, make sure you're also adding to the house payment:

    Property taxes

    House Insurance

    PMI (you'll likely have to pay this since your down will be low or none).

    These things will add around $200 -$400 a month onto just the home price payment.


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