Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes I really love the IHOP webstream... it's so peaceful.

We are praying for a miracle for my friend Amy's baby today. Her name is Livi. Please pray with us.

I have a lot on my mind and nothing to say. Funny how that works.


  1. Update on LIVI?


  2. jess

    don't let those babies tear up daddy's equipment!

  3. hc

    yes, i got my pic FINALLY changed thnx to jess

  4. I have a question for everyone. Does anybody have any idea when I am going to have this baby? According to the doc my due date is today. Yet Trinity is not showing any signs of wanting to come out yet! Any quesses?

  5. If you take two tablespoons of Castor Oil and go for a walk ......then I would guess.....tomorrow.....

    But.....I think that it is best to let God pick the birthday....

    Trinity is a great name.....are we guessing dates and birthweight?

    July 12th.....
    8 pounds 2 oz.....

  6. I am not desperate enough for castor oil yet! I have not completely ruled it out. My friend did that and barely made it to the hospital!

    Her middle name is Aiden it means fiery one!

  7. I am not so sure about the date VKG but the weight may be close Madison weighed 8lbs 1oz and I had her 6 days past my due date.

  8. I am curious to see how big she is going to be. Most of the babies in my family that where full term are big. But all of Matt's are small but they where all early or premature. I am guessing she will be around 8lbs or more.

  9. trinity is cozy
    does not want to come out
    try coaxing
    hold a snickers up in front of tummy

    come out come out sweet pea


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