Friday, July 18, 2008

toby's great fall

Yesterday was eventful. Sheesh.
So we're strolling through Walmart at a leisurely pace, 'cause that's how we roll. Bean is in the front, and Toby rides in the back with the groceries. R2 jumps alongside.
We make it through, like an hour, because my kids are trained to stay in Walmart forever.
FInally we make it to the checkout line, and Brynn STANDS UP. In the FRONT. I am so alarmed I snatch her out of the basket and am holding her, when I notice (in slow motion) that toby is climbing to get in Brynn's recently vacated seat. And, before you could say "Ohhhh noooooooooooooooooo!" he is smashed on the floor.
I drop Brynn in the back of the cart and grab Toby off the ground. Part of judging child injuries is the gasp:cry ratio. We had probably a minute of silent sucking in before the screaming started. SCREAMING. Panic. And immediately people are surrounding me saying helpful things like, "Is he okay?" And the screaming. Oy. It was like Faust in there. At the time I was, of course, freaked out. So I'm just holding him trying to assess where he hit, and what might be broken. The help keeps coming.
Then some official types come around with clipboards and lots of questions. On the list of things I want to happen after my 2-year old falls out of a basket, officials with clipboards is like, number 7. Million.
So I am trying to comfort Toby, and answer questions, and reassure the general public, Brynn is standing in the back of the cart seeing if she can climb out, and R2 is concernedly pointing at his own head and Toby. Yes, Toby bonked his head.
Finally, Toby stops screaming and I put him back in the cart to sign some papers. Wal-Mart's legal butt is covered. A family stays and talks to me for a while, about how to know if it's a concussion and what to do and so on. They were extremely nice, but man! you just can't take somebody's word for it on stuff like this.

By this point I am internally freaking a little more. I don't externally freak, my kid has emergencies all the time... but internally. And now Toby is just blankly staring off into space, not answering questions. Someone says, "oh he's calm now..." and I'm thinking.... never. He is NEVER like this.
So off we drive, after a Wal-Mart rep walks me to my car. YOUR BUTT IS COVERED. I AM NOT GOING TO SUE.

And he just looked horrible and so pale and wouldn't talk, so we went to the ER. He was still sickly until we were actually back in the room, committed to staying. Then he snaps out of it and starts playing, and schmoozing with the staff, and having a great time.

No concussion... we were at the ER for about 3 hours. Sheesh.


  1. We all noticed Jess......

    You could hear a pin drop in Blog Land.....

    everyone holding their breath and waiting for a new post.....

    wondering about Trinity and Jennifer......

    Waiting to hear details about Tobias

    Wondering where CTK ode is......

    I missed you bad....

  2. O my poor little Tobias.....

    How is he today?

  3. I missed stalking you yesterday!!

    So glad little Toby is okay.




  4. how's Toby?

    any word on Jennifer?

    how are your nerves after the Wal-mart fall and the ED?

  5. the slow motion description is so real! you can see it about to happen, but can't physically get there.
    the IHOPpers prayed? how did you get through 3 hours at the ER

  6. We had some guys in the studio recording, they drove Richy up to the ER and prayed. Also we had a few MCF-ers praying... and we got through the ER with a lot of climbing and dancing and flapping and jumping, a documentary about penguins, and finally some toys from their toy room, and daddy, bean and R2 went and sat in the van instead of the little tiny crazy room.

  7. ha! twice in my life, i've had john drive me to the ED for myself and then had him take all 3 kids to McDonalds and come back in an hour so that they wouldn't just have to sit in that crazy and sometimes less-than-sterile environment... once in Lubbock, TX, once in Colorado Springs... you know, the mom thing, where even when she can hardly breathe or has a fever of 104,she is still directing the show, telling the papa how to take care of the kids...

    "yes, dear, i know i'm in cardiac arrest" and "i know there is a bone sticking out where my knee should be..." but, why don't you go take the kids to a playland and feed them Happy Meals while the little ole doctor just checks me over..."

  8. i heard from clammy that she and cookie monster are headed to her grandmother's 90th bday and their 60th wedding anniversary and have a huge family reunion in Michigan...

    we're thanking God for His "traveling mercies"...

  9. any word yet on Jennifer? i'm not in touch...

  10. yeah, Trinity was born Friday? Saturday? it's in the comments somewhere. Congrats!

  11. I just read this post. That would be scary… the whole staring off into space and not responding thing would have me driving 80 on the city streets to the hospital. I’m really glad he’s fine! Thank you, Lord!

    The slow motion thing is real. It’s like when I was 10 feet away from Keith as he approached the top of our stairs while looking back at me. I knew I couldn’t get him, just tried to get his attention but it was too late, and down the stairs he rolled. It’s only 6 stairs, but plenty of potential for injury. He screamed like mad, but was ok other than the 3 or 4 bruises that showed the next day.


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