Monday, July 7, 2008


I am typing this on the laptop, which is greatly challenging due to half the keys being removed. I just push real hard on the little key stubs, but it takes a while.

Bean is sick. It's the saddest thing. She is sleeping most of the time, and then when she wakes up she's pretty listless. We took her to the doctor today. Now, normally we don't take our kids in for illness. R2 goes all the time for maintenance and stuff, plus the occasional emergency visit. But just puking or whatever... fevers, no. We wait it out, maybe a little Tylenol.

Different story for Daddy's girl. Day 2 of laying around not smiling and one big throw-up... I was requested to take her in. Some kind of stomach virus, she'll be fine. It's just funny how things work.

I'm trying to intensify my fast this week, as I basically just filled the empty spots with other diversions.


  1. Hope she gets to feeling better...hope we all do...praying.

    (blogspot not letting me log in)

  2. poor bean
    she is feeling teeny beany


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